Rubrik update >> 3.1

Advertise here with BSAIt has been a while since I wrote about Rubrik. This week I was briefed by Chris Wahl on what is coming in their next release, which is called Cloud Data Management 3.1. As Chris mentioned during the briefing, backup solutions grab data. In most cases this data is then never used, or in some … [Read more...]

Rubrik landed new funding round and announced version 3.0

Advertise here with BSAAfter having gone through all holiday email it is now time to go over some of the briefings. The Rubrik briefing caught my eye as it had some big news in there. First of all, they landed Series C, big congrats, especially considering the size, $ 61m is a pretty substantial I must say! Now I am … [Read more...]

Virtually Speaking Podcast: Rubrik and Virtual SAN

Advertise here with BSAAs John Nicholson was on a holiday I got to co-host the Virtually Speaking Podcast together with Pete Flecha. As a guest we had Chris Wahl and we spoke about many different things, but the key theme was Rubrik and the paper Chris and Cormac wrote that talks about Rubrik backing up VMs that sit on … [Read more...]

Rubrik 2.0 release announced today

Advertise here with BSAToday the Rubrik 2.0 release was announced. I’ve written about who they are and what they do twice now so I am not going to repeat that. If you haven’t read those articles please read those first. (Article 1 and article 2) Chris Wahl took the time to brief me and the first thing that … [Read more...]

Rubrik follow up, GA and funding announcement

Advertise here with BSATwo months ago I published an introduction post on Rubrik. Yesterday Rubrik announced that their platform went GA and they announced a funding round (series B) of 41 million dollars led by Greylock. I want to congratulate Rubrik with this new milestone, major achievement and I am sure we will … [Read more...]

Rubrik: Change in the Backup world

Last week I had a great conversation with Bipul Sinha, […] … [Read more...]