Startup intro: SaaS-based backup solution Clumio

Advertise here with BSA Last week I saw an update from one of the Clumio founders on twitter. It reminded me that I had promised to take a look at their product. This week I had a meeting set up with Clumio and we went over their product and how to configure it briefly. Clumio is a SaaS based backup solution that was … [Read more...]

ESXTOP in vSphere 7

Advertise here with BSA I was playing around with Scalable Shares and then noticed some enhancements in esxtop which I didn’t realize were there. I figured I would list the changes I spotted so people are aware of what was added to esxtop in vSphere 7.0. Although it isn’t a huge amount, it is still very valuable to … [Read more...]

Install and Configure vSphere Replication with SRM 8.3 on vSphere 7

Advertise here with BSA I haven’t really done much with vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manager (SRM) in the past years as my main focus has been vSAN. I figured I would get two clusters up and running and install and configure both vSphere Replication as well as SRM on top of vSphere 7. Although the installation … [Read more...]

vSAN 7.0 UI enhancements for vSphere Replication

Advertise here with BSA I have been playing around with vSphere / vSAN 7.0 the past week or so. Today I configured vSphere Replication between two vCenter Server instances with vSphere / vSAN 7.0. I wanted to check out the enhancements that were introduced in the UI. Although they are relatively small enhancements, I … [Read more...]

Cloning PhotonOS and getting the same ip-address when running DHCP?

Advertise here with BSA I just cloned PhotonOS a few times for running “Folding at Home” in our lab, and I noticed every VM was getting the same IP address every time. It appears that this is caused by the fact that when you clone the VM they all have the same machine identifier. You can get around this by running the … [Read more...]

vSAN/DRS awareness to be introduced in vSAN/vSphere 7.0!

Advertise here with BSA It was briefly mentioned here, but I figured I would elaborate on this new cool feature for vSAN Stretched Clusters which is DRS Awareness of vSAN Stretched Clusters. So what does this mean? Well, it is fairly straight forward. DRS will take vSAN resync traffic into consideration when the DRS … [Read more...]

Introducing vSAN File Services as part of vSAN 7.0

Advertise here with BSA There was a great article by Cormac talking about vSAN File Services published last week. I had some articles planned, but hadn’t started yet, so when I saw the article I figured I would do something different. No point in rehashing what Cormac has already shared right. I figured I would shoot … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 and DRS Scalable Shares, how are they calculated?

Advertise here with BSA I wrote a post and recorded a short demo that explained this cool new feature called Scalable Shares, part of vSphere 7 / DRS, last week. I didn’t want to go too deep in the post, but now that I am getting more questions about how this actually works, I figured I would provide some examples to … [Read more...]

Introducing Scalable Shares – vSphere 7

Advertise here with BSA Early 2015 Frank Denneman and I had a discussion during a flight to San Francisco. We came up with this concept for Resource Pools where the number of shares would be determined by the number of VMs and the priority of the pool. In other words, we wanted to avoid the dilution of shares in an … [Read more...]

VMworld TV, it just rocks!

VMworld TV has been around for a long time, and I truly enjoy the videos. I know what kind of work goes in to recording these episodes and the long hours these guys make, so thanks for doing this Eric, Jeremy and production/camera crew! It is awesome work, and even though I attend VMworld, and the only way to get an … [Read more...]