Startup News Flash part 1

I am on PTO this week so have tried to avoid spending time behind my mac/iPhone/iPad, well tried I guess… It is difficult as most of you probaby know and have realized. While on vacation a couple of interesting things happened, hence this Startup New Flash blog post. The primary focus of this article is Startup … [Read more...]

vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1b released

I read the pre-announcement last week and then completely forgot to blog it this week… vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1b was just released. A couple of minor fixes in there, but one bigger fix around the deletion of virtual machines using the Datastore Browse functionality. For the details around these fixes make sure … [Read more...]

Change in Permanent Device Loss (PDL) behavior for vSphere 5.1 and up?

Yesterday someone asked me a question on twitter about a whitepaper by EMC on stretched clusters and Permanent Device Loss (PDL) behavior. For those who don’t know what a PDL is, make sure to read this article first.  This EMC whitepaper states the following on page 40: Note: In a full WAN partition that includes … [Read more...]

CloudPhysics KB Advisor, how cool is that?

Just imagine, you have 3-8 hosts – an EMC array – Dell hardware – some FibreChannel cards – Specific versions of firmware – Specific versions of ESXi and vCenter… How do you know what works and what does not? Well, you go to and you do a search and try to figure out … [Read more...]

Hardening recommendation to set limits on VMs or Resource Pools?

I received this question last week about a recommendation which was in the vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guide. The recommendation in the vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guide is the following: By default, all virtual machines on an ESXi host share the resources equally. By using the resource management capabilities of ESXi, such as … [Read more...]

ESXi 5.x not recognizing larger than 2TB volumes?

Just a short article, as it is something that is still coming up. Today someone asked me why his ESXi 5.x host wasn’t showing this local 4TB volume. It took me a couple seconds before I realized what the issue was, but the problem they were hitting was the fact that the driver used for his HP Smart Controller … [Read more...]

Guess the VMworld band aka #VMworldBand

It is that time of the year again, guess the VMworld band! So lets join the fun, the “first” correct guess will be rewarded with the opportunity to meet the band that you choose before the VMworld party on Wednesday August 28th at AT&T Park aka home of the Giants! Founded in a previous VMworld host … [Read more...]

Want to attend PuppetConf 22/23 August in San Francisco for free?

Do you want to attend PuppetConf 22/23 August in San Francisco for free? The Puppet Labs folks were so kind to provide me with 2 registration codes, if you want to attend their conference in San Francisco this year just drop a comment with why you love Puppet and I will randomly pick two winners. I hoped I would be … [Read more...]

Testing your infrastructure!

Last week I was helping someone on the VMTN community forums. They were hitting what appeared to be strange HA behavior. After some standard questions this person told me that all VMs were powered down after a network outage. Sounds like a familiar problem? Yes I can hear most of you think: Isolation response set to … [Read more...]

Introducing startup PernixData – Out of stealth!

There are many startups out there that do something with storage these days. To be honest, many of them do the same thing and at times I wonder why on earth everyone focuses on the same segment and tries to attack it with the same product / feature set. One of the golden rules for any startup should be that you have a … [Read more...]