Unexplored Territory #013 – Exploring VMware Cloud on AWS with Adrian Roberts!

In episode 013 we talk to Adrian Roberts, Head of EMEA Solution Architecture for VMware Cloud on AWS at AWS. Adrian discusses the various reasons customers are looking to utilize VMware Cloud on AWS, discusses some of the challenges, and of course the opportunities that arise when you have your VMware workloads close … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #012: Discussing VMware Cloud offerings with ITQ’s CTO Jeffrey Kusters!

Episode 12 is out, this week we have Jeffrey Kusters to discuss VMware Cloud! Jeffrey discusses the use cases and the different offerings ranging from AWS to Google! Listen now: Spotify ( https://spoti.fi/3tsSm6p), Apple (https://apple.co/3ioaQyp). Source … [Read more...]

Stretched cluster witness failure resilience in vSAN 7.0

Cormac and I have been busy the past couple of weeks updating the vSAN Deep Dive to 7.0 U3. Yes, there is a lot to update and add, but we are actually going through it at a surprisingly rapid pace. I guess it helps that we had already written dozens of blog posts on the various topics we need to update or add. One of … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #011: Providing enterprise storage services with VMware vSAN featuring Pete Koehler

Episode 11 of the podcast features Pete Koehler, and of course, we discuss vSAN and all the enterprise storage services it provides like HCI Mesh, vSAN Stretched Clusters and much more. Listen to it now via Spotify ( https://spoti.fi/3twXzsF), or Apple (https://apple.co/3sN0EFR), or of course via the embedded player … [Read more...]

OneDrive stuck syncing on OSX

I have had this issue with OneDrive for days where it said it is syncing a file but not making any progress whatsoever. I tried all kinds of different solutions people have recommended, from remove the OneDrive app to killing the agent to deleting the .plist file. Nothing helped solve the problem. Unfortunately on OSX … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #010: Terraform and declarative automation with Kyle Ruddy

In episode #010 of the Unexplored Territory Podcast we talk to Kyle Ruddy, Tech Marketing guru at Hashicorp. Kyle explains how Hashicorp got started, what the difference is between imperative and declarative automation, and why Terraform (and other Hashicorp products/services) should be included in every multi-cloud … [Read more...]

Changing the vSAN Skyline Health Interval

On the VMTN forum Lars asked a great question, how do you change the vSAN Skyline Health interval. This used to be an option in the UI pre vSphere 7.0 but now seems to have disappeared. I never really touched it, so I had completely forgotten it was even an option at first. As vSAN also has an extensive CLI through … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #009: Preventing Ransomware attacks with Kendra Kendall

In episode #009 of the Unexplored Territory Podcast we talk to Kendra Kendall, Tech Marketing Specialist at VMware for Carbon Black. Kendra explains how ransomware attacks work, and how you can leverage Carbon Black to develop a defense-in-depth strategy. Listen now via Apple ( https://apple.co/34H5OcV), Spotify … [Read more...]

I can’t download vCenter Converter / Standalone Converter?

I tweeted about this yesterday, but as I had about 14 questions in 24 hours I figured I would do a blog post as well so that it gets indexed by Google properly. Many folks are asking where vCenter Converter / Standalone Converter has gone to as it has disappeared from the VMware Download website. Although the links are … [Read more...]

vSAN File Services IPs not reachable when using NSX-T?

I’ve had this question a few times, if you enable vSAN File Services and you use NSX-T and it’s not possible to reach the vSAN File Service IP addresses, what should you do? In 999 out of the 1000 cases, it typically is a matter of enabling Mac Learning on the Segment Profile for the segment being used by … [Read more...]