VMware: Cannot delete virtual machine from disk with more then 100 active snapshots

Today I tried to delete a virtual machine with more then 100 (damn Backup Exec) snapshots, in the vSphere Client I selected in the inventory:  “Delete from disk”  , few seconds later I received this error message: Cannot complete the operation due to an incorrect request to the server Events directly at the vSphere 5.0 … [Read more...]

Serious performance impact on high IO VM with multiple snapshots

Recently I ran in to a situation where a customer suffered severe performance issues on a virtualized SQL server. In the SQL server we noticed a high CPU utilization, but the underlying ESX hosts only showed relatively low CPU utilization for this VM. Debugging the VM performance issue with esxtop showed very high … [Read more...]

VM backup fails due to quiescing failure

Some time ago we where at a customer and ran into a problem backing up virtual machines using vss and snapshots. First I’ll explain the situation we got into. This customer has offices geographically spread. Currently the customer is in the middle of a datacenter consolidation process. The organization is … [Read more...]