600GB write buffer limit for VSAN?

Advertise here with BSAI get this question on a regular basis and it has been explained many many times, I figured I would dedicate a blog to it. Now, Cormac has written a very lengthy blog on the topic and I am not going to repeat it, I will simply point you to the math he has provided around it. I do however want to … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 17

Number 17 already… A short one, I expect more news next week when we have “Storage Field Day”, hence I figured I would release this one already. Make sure to watch the live feed if you are interested in getting the details on new releases from companies like Diablo, SanDisk, PernixData etc. Last week … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 16

Number 16 of the Startup News Flash, here we go: Nakivo just announced the beta program for 4.0 of their backup/replication solution. It adds some new features like: recovery of Exchange objects directly from compressed and deduplicated VM backups, Exchange logs truncation, and automated backup verification. If you are … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 15

Number 15 of the Startup News Flash… What happened in the world of (storage / flash related) startup’s in the last couple of weeks? Not too much news, but I felt it was worth releasing anyway as other wise the below would be really old news. One of the most interesting BC/DR startups of the last couple of … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 14

Part 13 of the Startup News Flash… Hopefully not an unlucky one for the startups featured. Just a short one considering I am in Vietnam and away ‘from work’ for the last 2 weeks. A3Cube is a startup which came out of stealth recently and announced as they call it a ‘brain inspired’ data plane … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 13

Edition 13 of the Startup News Flash already. This week is VMware Partner Exchange 2014 so I expected some announcements to be made. There were a couple of announcements the last week(s) which I felt were worth highlighting. There is one that is not really a startup, but I figured should at least be included in the … [Read more...]

Operational simplicity through Flash

A couple of weeks back I had to honor to be one of the panel members at the opening of the Pure Storage office in the Benelux. The topic of course was flash, and the primary discussion around the benefits. The next day I tweeted a quote of one of the answers I gave during the session which was picked up by Frank … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 12

First edition of the 2014 of the Startup News Flash. I expect this year to be full of announcements, new rounds of funding, new products, new features and new companies. There are various startups planning to come out of stealth this year and all play in the storage / flash space, so make sure to follow this series! … [Read more...]

How about an All Flash Virtual SAN?

Yeah that title got your attention right… For now it is just me writing about it and nothing has been announced or promised. At VMworld I believe it was Intel who demonstrated the possibilities in this space, an All Flash Virtual SAN. A couple of weeks back during my holiday someone pointed me to a couple of … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 11

Last Startup News Flash of the year, part 11… It is relatively short this time, I am guessing everyone is wrapping up before the holiday season really starts. I know I am! I want to congratulate Nimble on their very successful IPO. They introduced their stock at the price of $21.00 per share and are now at $ … [Read more...]