Project nanoEDGE aka tiny vSphere/vSAN supported configurations!

Advertise here with BSA A few weeks ago VMware announced Project nanoEDGE on their blog virtual blocks. I had a whole bunch of questions the following days from customers and partners interested in understanding what it is and what it does. I personally prefer to call project nanoEDGE “a recipe”. In the … [Read more...]

VMware / ecosystem / industry news flash… part 4

VMware / ecosystem / industry news flash time again. Took me a while to get a bunch of them, so some of the news is a bit older then normal. Dell and SuperMicro to offer an EVO:RAIL bundle with Nexenta for file services on top of VSAN! Smart move by Nexenta, first 3rd party vendor to add value to the EVO:RAIL package … [Read more...]