List all “thick” swap files on vSAN

Advertise here with BSAAs some may know, on vSAN by default the swap file is a fully reserved file. This means that if you have a VM with 8GB of memory, vSAN will reserve 16GB capacity in total for it. 16GB? Yes, 16GB as the FTT=1 policy is also applied to it. In vSAN 6.2 we introduced the ability to have swap files … [Read more...]

Storage capacity for swap files and TPS disabled

Advertise here with BSAA while ago (2014) I wrote an article on TPS being disabled by default in future release. (Read KB 2080735 and 2097593 for more info) I described why VMware made this change from a security perspective and what the impact could be. Even today, two years later, I am still getting questions about … [Read more...]

I have memory pages swapped, can vSphere unswap them?

Advertise here with BSA“I have memory pages swapped out to disk, can vSphere swap them back in to memory again” is one of those questions that comes up occasionally. A while back I asked the engineering team why we don’t “swap in” pages when memory contention is lifted. There was no real … [Read more...]