Starwind software: SFD15 preview

It is time to start blogging again, and there couldn’t possibly be better way then by starting on my invite to Storage Field Day 15 in Silicon Valley. Truth be told, not blogging was mainly due to building our own house, and we’re still very busy with building our dream house here in the Netherlands, […] … [Read more...]

Who is Netwrix?

During Tech Field Day 11 we had presentations from a lot of awesome companies. Some of them I knew, but others were new to me, and that while some of these already exist for multiple years. The first of these “older”companies was Netwrix. When writing a couple of VMware designs in which compliancy was a […] … [Read more...]

PernixData announcements at #VFD5

Advertise here with BSAToday PernixData presented at Virtualization Field Day 5. Excellent presentation by Satyam once again. This week I was fortunate to catch up with Frank Denneman to discuss what was going to be announced and what can be expected in the near future. I want to make it clear that there were no … [Read more...]

Techunplugged is coming soon

Next week I’ll fly to London to attent the Techun […] … [Read more...]

Virtualization Field Day 4 is approaching

In less than 3 weeks the twitter tag #VFD4 will be in your twitter timeline, A LOT!. I am happy to be among the 12 delegates that where voted and invited for Virtualization Field Day 4 hosted in Austin / Texas on January 14-16, 2015. If you never heard of the Tech Field Day event before I […] This post … [Read more...]

Join the Next Generation SDDC Leaders

I was invited by the Tech Field Day team to join the Storage Field Day 5 delegates. This will be my 5th Storage Field Day and I’m very honored to be on this awesome delegate list, once again, Thanks Stephen, Tom and Claire. In future posts I’ll dive in to the sponsors presenting at Storage Field Day 5, and what I’m … [Read more...]

CloudPhysics – Datacenter Analytics Done Right

The first presenter at Virtualization Field Day 3 is CloudPhysics. We visited their beautiful office in Mountain View, California to get fully updated on their latest technology. Presenters: Irfan Ahmad, CTO, John Blumenthal, CEO of CloudPhysics and Krishna Raj Raja, Product Management (Mister @esxtopGuru!) … [Read more...]

#VFD3 Virtualization Field Day 3 – Live Stream

Today is the day that Virtualization Field Day 3 is about to start. Watch the live stream below and please ask questions you want me to ask to the presenters via twitter (@mbroeken). If the live stream is offline, please wait till the stream will go live again when we are ready. Live Stream Agenda, […] This post … [Read more...]

Virtualization Field Day 3 is approaching!

While I’m counting the days… In less than a week the twitter tag #VFD3 will be in your twitter timeline, a lot. I am happy to be among the 11 delegates that where voted and invited for Virtualization Field Day 3 hosted in Silicon Valley on March 5th – 7th. If you never heard of […] This post Virtualization … [Read more...]

Join the Tech Field Day family

Today is the start of Wireless Field Day 6 which in turn means a new year of Tech Field Day awesomeness, and I wanted to share my experience with the Tech Field Day family, and invite you to join. Last year I wrote an article called:" You can be a SFD4 delegate". But there's more. As some of you don't exactly would … [Read more...]