vSphere 7.0 U2 Suspend VMs to Memory for maintenance!

In vSphere 7.0 U2 a new feature popped up for Lifecycle Manager. This new feature basically provides the ability to specify what should happen to your workloads when you are applying updates or upgrades to your infrastructure. The new feature is only available for those environments which can use Quick Boot. Quick Boot … [Read more...]

Upgrading to vSphere 7.0b and not sure what the 7.0bs image is?

Advertise here with BSA Are you upgrading to vSphere 7.0b and not sure what the difference is between 7.0b and 7.0bs? Well that isn’t strange, I had the same problem. I asked around internally and after a bunch of email exchanges, I was informed that the vSphere 7.0bs image is “security updates only”. After I brought … [Read more...]