Unexplored Territory #004: vVols with Cody Hosterman!

Episode 004 is out! This time we talk to Cody Hosterman, Director of Product Management at Pure Storage, about Virtual Volumes aka vVols! Cody shares with us the past, present, and future of vVols. I especially enjoyed his explanations around the benefits of vVols for traditional and cloud-native workload. It is also … [Read more...]

Can I vMotion a VM while IO Insight is tracing it?

Today during the Polish VMUG we had a great question, basically, the question was if you can vMotion a VM while vSAN IO Insight is tracing it. I did not know the answer as I had never tried it, so I had to test and validate it in the lab. While testing it became obvious that IO Insight and vMotion are not a supported … [Read more...]

I joined the Futr Tech Podcast last week, check out the episode here!

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Chris and Sandesh on the Futr Tech podcast. The episode was just published online, and I wanted to share it with all of you via this blog post. Make sure to watch/listen to the episode and subscribe to the youtube channel or podcast. I’ve been following these guys for a … [Read more...]

vCLS VMs not powering on, insufficient resources error

This week I had someone internally me asking about a situation where vCLS VMs were not powering on and an error was thrown stating “insufficient resources”. I had seen this issue before at some point and I knew it had something to do with the VM version and EVC. The details of the error messages seem to … [Read more...]

Virtual Events I will be presenting/speaking at the upcoming months

The past year has been really strange for me. As you know a lot of time goes into speaking at events, or doing a series of customer meetings. Due to COVID that all rapidly changed in March of this year. Fortunately, it didn’t mean I was out of work, we had to figure some stuff out in the first few weeks, but … [Read more...]

How to login to the vCLS VMs!?

I was asked this question this week, how you can login to the vCLS VMs. Now before I share the video, I want to mention that I do not encourage people doing this, but as it is documented and supported I do want to provide a simple “how to” for how this works. If you want to login to the vCLS VM, maybe for … [Read more...]

Virtual Events, my thoughts.

Advertise here with BSA Over the past 9 months, I have done more “zoom” sessions / “virtual events” than I have in the past 5 years. I have seen all the complaints from regular presenters (and attendees) about virtual events, and the flood storm of Zoom requests many have been getting, but … [Read more...]

Alan Renouf, and his family, need your help. Please support/donate!

Advertise here with BSA Some of you may have spotted a tweet by Alan Renouf earlier this week, most of you have probably heard about the wildfires in California. If you haven’t, just do a google search… Or take a look at this devastating picture of Alan Renouf’s home: Yes, on the right is the lovely … [Read more...]

Top 15 VMworld 2020 sessions to attend

Advertise here with BSA VMworld 2020 is coming, which means I get to create a list of sessions again which I feel are worth attending. My focus will primarily be on sessions that are hosted by folks of the VMware Cloud Platform Business Unit, which means that the list will be dominated by sessions on the topic of vSAN, … [Read more...]

Update on the Kidspire fundraiser!

Advertise here with BSA About 10 days ago I posted a blog about my 12 year milestone at VMware. In the post, I asked for people in the VMware/Virtualization/Cloud community to consider sharing my request and/or consider donating even. VMware provided me the opportunity to donate ~3100 to a charity of choice. As … [Read more...]