vCenter 7.0 stating “New vCenter server updates are available” while there are no updates?

Advertise here with BSA I have seen this issue reported on the VMware Community Forum a few times, when you run vCenter 7.0 you will receive a message in the vSphere Client stating the following “New vCenter server updates are available”. When you then click “View Updates” however you will notice that there are no … [Read more...]

Cool tool update: RVTool 4.0.4 released

Advertise here with BSA Probably one of the most downloaded tools ever, just released a new version: RVTools 4.0.4. Rob emailed me over the weekend, that this new version was just released and he also mentioned that he has reached over 1.2 million downloads. 1.2 million indeed! Crazy number, especially knowing how many … [Read more...]

You don’t need any brains to listen to music – the grunge edition

Advertise here with BSA A while ago I did a bunch of posts on the topic of music. I haven’t done a post on this topic in a while, and as I did a podcast with a friend in dutch (you can listen to it here) on the topic of Grunge I figured I would share the songs that were played during the podcast and the stories around … [Read more...]

Inspecting vSAN File Services share objects

Advertise here with BSA Today I was looking at vSAN File Services a bit more and I had some challenges figuring out the details on the objects associated with a File Share. Somehow I had never noticed this, but fortunately, Cormac pointed it out. In the Virtual Objects section of the UI you have the ability to filter, … [Read more...]

Introducing vSAN File Services as part of vSAN 7.0

Advertise here with BSA There was a great article by Cormac talking about vSAN File Services published last week. I had some articles planned, but hadn’t started yet, so when I saw the article I figured I would do something different. No point in rehashing what Cormac has already shared right. I figured I would shoot … [Read more...]

vSphere 5.5 nuggets: High Availability Enhancement

There aren’t a lot of changes in 5.5 when it comes to vSphere High Availability aka HA, but one is worth noting. As most of you are probably aware of, vSphere HA in the past did nothing with VM to VM Affinity or Anti Affinity rules. Typically for people using “affinity” rules this was not an issue, … [Read more...]

ESXi “Management traffic” tickbox, what does it do?

I have seen this popping up various times over the last few years. That little tickbox on your VMkernel NIC that says “Management traffic” (aka management network) what is it for? What if I untick it, will SSH to that VMkernel still work? Will the HA heartbeat still work? Can I still ping the VMkernel NIC? … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 2

First part of the Startup News Flash was published a couple of weeks ago, and as many things have happened I figured I would publish another. At times I guess I will miss out on a news fact or a new company, if that happens don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your findings/opinion or just a link to what you … [Read more...]

Speaking at VMworld US and want a #VMworld speaker shirt for free?

During one of our (Frank, Irfan and I) advisory calls with CloudPhysics we discussed the fact that it was the 10th VMworld this year. I was telling Irfan how much I always liked the VMworld speaker shirts and that it was a shame VMware didn’t do speaker shirts last year, and typically the shirts would also only … [Read more...]

Vendors to check out at VMworld

Cormac just released his article about storage vendors to check out at VMworld, right when I was typing up this article. Make sure to read that one as well as it contains some great suggestions… I was looking at the list of vendors who have a booth at VMworld, there are a whole bunch I am going to try to check … [Read more...]