VCDX- You cannot abstract your way out of things indefinitely

The amount of abstraction in IT is amazing. Every level in the software and hardware stack attempts to abstract operations and details. And the industry is craving for more. Look at the impact “All Things Software Defined” has on todays datacenter. It touches almost every aspect, from design to operations. The user … [Read more...]

Underlying Infrastructure for your pets and cattle

Last week on twitter Maish asked a question that got me thinking. Actually, I have been thinking about this for a while now. The question deals with how you design your infrastructure for the various types of workloads (pets and cattle). Whether your workload falls in the “pet” category or the … [Read more...]

RE: The VCDX candidates advantage over the panellists

I was reading Josh Odger’s post on the VCDX Defense. Josh’s article can be summarised with the following part: As a result, the candidate should be an expert in the design being presented and answering questions from the panel about the design should not be intimidating. Having gone through the process … [Read more...]

It is all about choice

The last couple of years we’ve seen a major shift in the market towards the software-defined datacenter. This has resulted in many new products, features and solutions being brought to market. What struck me though over the last couple of days is that many of the articles I have read in the past 6 months (and … [Read more...]

VCDX Defence: Are you planning to use a fictitious design?

This week the following tweet caught my eye: “@wonder_nerd Fictitious designs in a #VCDX defense have a failure rate of 90%. #VMwarePEX” < interesting statistic — Mark Snook (@VirtualSnook) February 8, 2014 Apparently Marc Brunstad (VCDX program manager) stated this fact during the PEX VCDX workshop. But what … [Read more...]

VCDX defend clinic: Choosing between Multi-NIC vMotion and LBT

A new round of VCDX defenses will kickoff soon and I want to wish everyone that participates in the panel session good luck. Usually when VCDX panels are near, I receive questions on how to prepare for a panel. And one recommendation I usually provide is “Know why you used a specific configuration of a feature and … [Read more...]

Passed VCDX – My experience and tips

One of my challenges for 2013 was to acquire the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification. VCDX is a high level VMware certification which awarded to individuals that are highly skilled in VMware enterprise deployments. The VCDX certification is available for datacenter virtualization, cloud and desktop. I … [Read more...]