Single socket vSAN ready node AMD EPYC Rome on the VCG!

Advertise here with BSA Yesterday I tweeted something and I want to reiterate it to make sure that those who are just following the blog, and not my twitter account, also are aware. On the vSAN Compatibility Guide (VCG) there were already a number of single-socket servers, but most of these were limited in terms of … [Read more...]

Check your VSAN disk controllers against the HCL with PowerCLI

Advertise here with BSAEvery now and then customers ask if it is possible to check if disk controllers are on the VSAN HCL for a given set of hosts through PowerCLI. Alan Renouf figured he would knock something out, thanks Alan for sharing! (Next up would be validate drivers and firmware of all components, thanks!) … [Read more...]