Unexplored Territory #003: EUC strategy and vision with Shawn Bass

We just published the third episode of the Unexplored Territory. This time we are talking to Shawn Bass, who is the CTO for the EUC business unit. Shawn talks about various aspects of End User Computing, especially security is a big focus at the moment, aka zero trust. Make sure to listen to the episode, either via the … [Read more...]

VMware OS Optimization Tool

In May 2013 Sander wrote two great articles (post 1, post 2) on optimization of desktop operating systems for use in a VDI environment. Today I ran into a new VMware fling, a VMware OS optimization tool. The VMware OS Optimization Tool allows you to optimize a Windows 7 operating system for use in a […] Leave A … [Read more...]

What’s the impact of Microsoft Office on VDI?

I regularly get questions from customers what the impact is of the Microsoft Office version on their VDI deployment. It’s a common misunderstanding that the sizing and performance of a VDI deployment is equal when using Microsoft office 2007, 2010 or 2013. But until now this was based on a feeling compared with … [Read more...]

Add Fusion IO driver to VMware Auto Deploy

A customer of mine, who was already running a vSphere environment on Cisco UCS blades, asked to expand his environment with a number of ESXi hosts that could run a VMware View environment. To be able to run as much View desktops on each host as possible, we offered them Cisco UCS Blades equipped with a Fusion IO card, … [Read more...]

DCIG 2013 Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer’s Guide

A lot of solutions are available to accelerate VDI. It is a growing and crowded market which welcomes new solutions almost every week. In just week time in February 2013 solutions were released of GreenBytes, PernixData and Atlantis Computing.  I wrote about those solution in this blogposting titled Overview of … [Read more...]

Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI 4.0 released.

VDI deployments struggle with costs and performance. According to Gartner, “storage is the No. 1 challenge most IT organizations face when considering virtual desktop (server-hosted virtual desktop or virtual desktop infrastructure) projects. To deliver sufficient performance many solutions are available on the market. … [Read more...]