VMworld 2013 USA – Day 3 – Pictures and slides

The last day of VMworld. Check out the slides of the Best Practices for 3D in Horizon View. We’ll be following up on that here on VMguru.nl with our own tests. Leave A Commentposted in Events by Alex Muetstege … [Read more...]

Cost analysis: VMware Horizon View vs Citrix XenDesktop

When I’m advising customers on desktop solutions it’s an obvious battle between VMware, Citrix and Microsoft. Customers are becoming more and more cost aware due to the economic circumstances but the demand for audio/video and real time communication is growing. When Server Based Computing (SBC) is a viable … [Read more...]

VMware OS Optimization Tool

In May 2013 Sander wrote two great articles (post 1, post 2) on optimization of desktop operating systems for use in a VDI environment. Today I ran into a new VMware fling, a VMware OS optimization tool. The VMware OS Optimization Tool allows you to optimize a Windows 7 operating system for use in a […] Leave A … [Read more...]

Display the maximum concurrent connected users in VMware Horizon View with PowerCLI

VMware Horizon View generates everyday at 5 minutes  for midnight an event how many concurrent users connected to View that day. This information can be useful for example when when investing trends. When the Event database in the VMware Horizon View Administrator is configured, this information can be found … [Read more...]

Passed my VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop exam (VCP5-DT)

Many of you have heard of and probably even hold VCP certification. Five years ago this was the way to stand out of the crowd which was mainly dominated by people holding a Microsoft MCSE certification. Nowadays many IT professionals have a VMware VCP certification and you are just another certified professional in the … [Read more...]

Create a signed certificate for VMware View Connection Servers using a Windows Server 2012 CA

For VMware Horizon View it is recommends that you configure your VMware View Horizon Servers with a signed SSL certificate. Default when you install a VMware View Horizon servers, a certificate is generated that is not signed by a CA. Because it is not signed by a CA It is possible to to intercept traffic. So it is … [Read more...]

Horizon View in a stretched cluster environment: Can I have that? No!

Ever since VMware started selling View as a desktop solution, we’ve had these discussions with colleagues and customers. You probably are familiar with the topic: Many companies have more than one location, but they all want to manage their IT infrastructure as if it was one. So, if we can throw in a big … [Read more...]

Add Fusion IO driver to VMware Auto Deploy

A customer of mine, who was already running a vSphere environment on Cisco UCS blades, asked to expand his environment with a number of ESXi hosts that could run a VMware View environment. To be able to run as much View desktops on each host as possible, we offered them Cisco UCS Blades equipped with a Fusion IO card, … [Read more...]

How to license Windows 8 in a VMware Horizon View deployment

It is a common misunderstanding that, if you buy software licenses you can do anything with it. You will not become the owner of it, you only get the use right of the software under STRICT CONDITIONS. What you may or may not do with Microsoft software is recorded to the smallest details by Microsoft […] Leave A … [Read more...]

VMware View with FlexPod deployment guide

As a Cisco/NetApp FlexPod Partner we deploy a lot of FlexPods with all kinds of workloads. One of the more populair applications of aFlexPod is a VMware View environment. One of the tools to execute a valid and correctly configured FlexPod is a CVD, a Cisco Validated Design. Looking for the latest CVDs I ran across … [Read more...]