Is VMware Project Pacific ‘Kubernetes done right’ for the enterprise?

The dust is starting to settle after this week’s VMworld. For me, the biggest announcement was Project Pacific: embedding the Kubernetes control plane directly into vSphere. VMware has seen the future is Kubernetes and acknowledged vSphere’s shortcomings to get to that future state. Project Pacific is not a … [Read more...]

Will VMware Project Pacific help customers transition to Kubernetes smoothly?

Project Pacific is an engineering project to natively embed Kubernetes into vSphere. Pacific is a deep, deep integration of the two technologies, embedding Kubernetes into ESXi to make containers first-class citizens in vSphere. The project gives developers a well-known way to deploy and operate their applications, … [Read more...]

Sysdig solves the instrumentation problem using eBPF

Sysdig unlocks forensics and anomaly detection by using age-old Wireshark wisdom translated into eBPF to monitor and trace modern, cloud-native, applications. "Sysdig solves the instrumentation problem using eBPF" by Joep Piscaer was originally published on Originally posted on … [Read more...]

How Datrium ControlShift uses VMware Cloud on AWS for cloud-native Disaster Recovery

Previously, I talked about how to set up ControlShift in the cloud. In this post, I’ll dive into the ControlShift cloud-native disaster recovery solution, and how it leverages VMware Cloud on AWS to do on-demand disaster recovery. While this post is about recovery to VMware Cloud on AWS, Datrium has announced … [Read more...]

How Datrium deploys ControlShift into the cloud

Datrium's ControlShift is a born-in-the-cloud DR solution that can be consumed as SaaS or from your own AWS account. In this post, I'll show you how ControlShift is deployed. "How Datrium deploys ControlShift into the cloud" by Joep Piscaer was originally published on Originally posted on … [Read more...]

LightStep: application performance management for the new stack

So LightStep are different. They have a fresh take on the APM-field and focus on issues real-world customers have when moving from monoliths to a microservices architecture. This makes them uniquely positioned to help a growing number of customers that start on their journey towards microservices and the … [Read more...]

SoftNAS helps solve legacy app and data inertia

SoftNAS is a classic NAS company with a twist. They use old-school technology, like ZFS and classic file-based protocols to solve data inertia problems while moving to the cloud. And sure, I get it. There’s a lot one could say about SoftNAS: they’re a legacy technology company trying to catch up. They are … [Read more...]

Zerto gets into the long-term game at #vRetreat

I had forgotten about Zerto for a while. I’ve always like their innovative edge in DR back in the day, but DR became so commodity that the whole field lost their edge a little. Today I was refreshed on the topic at #vRetreat, a independent community blogger event organized by Patrick Redknap. IT Ops is struggling … [Read more...]

@jpiscaer will speak at Spiceworks All Access Amsterdam

I’ll be speaking at SpiceWorks’ All Access conference in Amsterdam on June 28th! About SpiceWorks and All Access SpiceWorks is a big online community for IT Pros and provides technical forums for advice, learning, product reviews and tools for inventory, monitor and troubleshooting. All Access is a single … [Read more...]

Accelerite salvages good tech from bad execution: A CloudPlatform story

The title says it all, right? This week, as part of Cloud Field Day 2, I visited Accelerite. Accelerite is a wholly owned business of Persistent Systems, and they do a bunch of stuff. It’s hard to pinpoint what their core product is, nor do the products align or integrate tightly. In other words, it’s a … [Read more...]