Can you combine Enhanced- and Hybrid Linked Mode?

It’s a pretty straighforward question…can you combine Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) and Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM)? First a short refresher: Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) allows you to link multiple vCenter Servers, so you can view and search across all linked vCenter Server systems. You can log in to all linked … [Read more...]

A closer look at HCX Mobility Optimized Networking

A while ago I wrote a couple of articles on HCX, VMware’s solution for workload mobility across VMware stacks. I also recorded a couple of lightboards on HCX together with Jeffrey Kusters. Next week I will be talking again about HCX within the context of VMware Cloud on AWS at the Virtual NLVMUG Usercon. The … [Read more...]

VMware Cloud Foundation 4: Licensing, Packaging and Bill of Materials

More than a year ago I published an article on VCF licensing, packaging and the bill of materials; this article was written with VCF 3.5 in mind. With VCF 4 available since April 2020, and the recent release of VCF 4.0.1 I decided to write an update on this topic. Let’s first recall, what is […] … [Read more...]

A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS (Part 4): Disaster Recovery

This is my last article in my series of articles on HCX. To learn more, feel free to read my previous posts: Part 1 – A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS: Introduction Part 2 – A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS: Extending networks Part 3 – A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS: […] … [Read more...]

Lightboard session: HCX architecture explained

The HCX story continues! Last week team ITQ published another light board video about HCX. In this video we (Jeffrey Kusters and myself) explain the different components that are included in HCX and how the components work together to offer wan optimizatio, migration, network extension, and disaster recovery … [Read more...]

A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS (Part 3): Migrating Workloads

In 2019 I’ve started a series of articles around HCX. This is part 3 of my series of posts on HCX on VMConAWS. In part 1 I had a first look at HCX, in part 2 I talked about the L2 Network Extension capability of HCX. In part 3, this article, we will have a closer […] … [Read more...]

A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS (Part 2): Extending networks

In part 1 of this series of post we’ve looked on the basics of HCX, and we’ve discussed the HCX installation process. In part 2 will have a closer look at the network extension capability of HCX. The network extension service of HCX provides a 4-6 Gbps layer 2 extension capability. This capability is … [Read more...]

A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS (Part 1): Introduction

One of the hidden gems that is included in the VMware Cloud on AWS (VMConAWS) service is HCX. HCX is an application mobility platform, designed for simplifying application migration, workload rebalancing and optimized disaster recovery across data centers and clouds. HCX was formerly known as Hybrid Cloud eXtension or … [Read more...]

Update on VMConAWS Stretched Cluster pricing

With VMware Cloud on AWS (VMConAWS) you can consume an SDDC-as-a-service that contains vSphere, vSAN, NSX and HCX. By default VMConAWS provides an SLA of 99,9%, this can be increased to 99,99% by implementing a stretched cluster configuration. Take into account the specific FTT requirements that apply based on the … [Read more...]