Changing the vSAN Skyline Health Interval

On the VMTN forum Lars asked a great question, how do you change the vSAN Skyline Health interval. This used to be an option in the UI pre vSphere 7.0 but now seems to have disappeared. I never really touched it, so I had completely forgotten it was even an option at first. As vSAN also has an extensive CLI through … [Read more...]

Can you combine Enhanced- and Hybrid Linked Mode?

It’s a pretty straighforward question…can you combine Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) and Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM)? First a short refresher: Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) allows you to link multiple vCenter Servers, so you can view and search across all linked vCenter Server systems. You can log in to all linked … [Read more...]

Does vSAN Enhanced Durability work when you have a limited number of hosts?

Last week I had a question about how vSAN Enhanced Durability works when you have a limited number of hosts. In this case, the customer had a 3+3+1 stretched cluster configuration, and they wondered what would happen when they would place a host into maintenance mode. Although I was pretty sure I knew what would … [Read more...]

vSAN File Services and Stretched Clusters!

As most of you probably know, vSAN File Services is not supported on a stretched cluster with vSAN 7.0 or 7.0U1. However, starting with vSAN 7.0 U2 we now fully support the use of vSAN File Services on a stretched cluster configuration! Why is that? In 7.0 U2, you now have the ability to specify during configuration of … [Read more...]

vSAN 7.0 U2 now integrates with vSphere DRS

One of the features our team requested a while back was integration between DRS and vSAN. The key use case we had was for stretched clusters. Especially in scenarios where a failure has occurred, it would be useful if DRS would understand what vSAN is doing. What do I mean by that? Today when customers create a … [Read more...]

I joined the Futr Tech Podcast last week, check out the episode here!

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Chris and Sandesh on the Futr Tech podcast. The episode was just published online, and I wanted to share it with all of you via this blog post. Make sure to watch/listen to the episode and subscribe to the youtube channel or podcast. I’ve been following these guys for a … [Read more...]

What if the disk controller driver included in my vendor’s ESXi image is not on the vSAN HCL?

Sometimes unfortunately there are situations where a vendor’s ESXi image includes a disk controller driver that is not on the vSAN HCL/VCG (VMware Compatibility Guide). Typically it is a new version of the driver which is supported for vSphere, but not yet for vSAN. In that situation, what should you do? So far … [Read more...]

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1: Licensing update

Disclaimer: For official information on licensing please contact a VMware partner and/or VMware Account Executive. This article is just to explain the latest updates on VCF licensing. I got various questions about the licensing changes since the release of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 4.1. In this article I will … [Read more...]

Top 15 VMworld 2020 sessions to attend

Advertise here with BSA VMworld 2020 is coming, which means I get to create a list of sessions again which I feel are worth attending. My focus will primarily be on sessions that are hosted by folks of the VMware Cloud Platform Business Unit, which means that the list will be dominated by sessions on the topic of vSAN, … [Read more...]

VMware Cloud Foundation 4: Licensing, Packaging and Bill of Materials

More than a year ago I published an article on VCF licensing, packaging and the bill of materials; this article was written with VCF 3.5 in mind. With VCF 4 available since April 2020, and the recent release of VCF 4.0.1 I decided to write an update on this topic. Let’s first recall, what is […] … [Read more...]