Unexplored Territory #012: Discussing VMware Cloud offerings with ITQ’s CTO Jeffrey Kusters!

Episode 12 is out, this week we have Jeffrey Kusters to discuss VMware Cloud! Jeffrey discusses the use cases and the different offerings ranging from AWS to Google! Listen now: Spotify ( https://spoti.fi/3tsSm6p), Apple (https://apple.co/3ioaQyp). Source … [Read more...]

An introduction to VMware vCloud Planner

VMware vCloud Planner (or VMware Infrastructure Planner / VIP) is a new sales tool focused on showing VMware customers the financial benefits of moving from vSphere to a Software Defined Datacenter powered by VMware vCloud Suite . vCloud Planner uses as starting point the current  environment of the customer having  … [Read more...]

VMware to become a public cloud service provider: announcing vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware today announced it is expecting to launch a new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform named VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Q2 2013. This post explains what vCloud Hybrid Service is and will explain the setup. For IT staff wanting to learn public cloud using vCloud Connector the vCloud Hybrid Service is a … [Read more...]

VMware announces VMware NSX

VMware is busy bundling and integrating their in-house developed solutions & acquired solutions into suites which deliver more value to their customers. Only recently VMware released the Horizon Suite which offers VDI, centralized management of physical desktops and laptops (Wanova acquisition),  and management of … [Read more...]