VMworld US 2019 is in San Francisco August 26-29

Unconfirmed yet by VMware but according website Conventioncalender.com VMworld US 2019 will be back in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Dates are August 26 to August 29, 2019 This is not a big surprise. VMworld moved to Las Vegas for  2016, 2017 and 2018 editions. Likely because of renovations of the Moscone … [Read more...]

Google Cloud shuts down all systems of customer due to ‘potential suspicious activity’ on creditcard

A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customer posted his experience on using GCP on Medium.com The anonymous customer writes that all of a sudden all of his systems running on GCP were shutdown. He writes: We have a project running in production on Google Cloud (GCP) that is used to monitor hundreds of wind turbines and … [Read more...]

Cannot apply the host configuration error at remediate ESXi 6.5 host using Host Profiles

I used host profiles to configure networking and other configuration on ESXi 6.5 hosts for a while. Worked fine. When a trainee used the host profile, an error showed up after the host profile ‘remediate’ feature was selected. The error shown in vCenter was ‘Cannot apply the host … [Read more...]

New AWS feature reduces costs for running databases by disabling cores

AWS in May 2018 introduced a new feature which reduces license costs for running databases on EC2 . Te feature named ‘CPU Options’ allows customers to configure the number of vCPU’s for an EC2 instance. Instance types offered by AWS normally come as t-shirt size. There is a fixed ratio between the … [Read more...]

VMware Cloud on AWS now available in Frankfurt region

VMware Cloud on AWS is per June 2018 also available in the AWS Frankfurt region. Frankfurt is the fourth worldwide region in which the service is available. Also London (UK),  US East (Northern Virgina) and US West (Oregon) regions offer VMware Cloud on AWS. For those of you not aware what VMware Cloud on AWS is. This … [Read more...]

AWS introducing ‘AWS Landing Zone’ solution

AWS is introducing a new technical solution named ‘AWS Landing Zone’. This set of tools allows AWS customers to automate the deployment of multiple AWS accounts linked together and build according AWS best practices. By doing so, a new AWS based environment can be quickly deployed. AWS has been talking … [Read more...]

“Cannot change the host configuration” error message when adding disk storage to a VMware vSphere ESXi Host

I wanted to add a local VMFS datastore on a RAID1 set made by 2 SSD disks in a Dell PowerEdhe R640 server running ESXi 6.5 Update 1d. The server has SD-cards on whivh ESXi was installed in. I wanted to use the RAID1 virtual disk for storage of local VMDK’s. However I got an error: “Cannot change the host … [Read more...]

Managing logfiles and dumpfiles in vCenter Server Appliance 6.5

Despite being an appliance there is still some manual labour to do on the vCenter Server Appliance part of vSphere 6.5. The relative small number of hosts managed by the vCenter Server instance of my customer had a full disk twice in a small time frame. Luckily VMware decided to split the location of logfiles over … [Read more...]

vSphere 6.5 HTML5 client showing inconsistent properties of virtual machine

I noticed a strange issue using the HTML5 client connected to vCenter Server Appliance  (VCSA) 6.5 The portgroup a particular virtual machine was connected to was shown as ‘VLAN222’. However, the Flash Web Client showed ‘VLAN111’ as connected to this same virtual machine. Also when connected … [Read more...]

vMotion stuck at 21 %

I had an issue with performing vMotion. Many times, but not always when I entered maintenance mode on one of the vSphere 6,5 hosts, vMotion process was stuck, halted, pauzed at 21 %. When I selected a number of VM’s and did a vMotion in many cases the vMotion went fine. The error presented in vCenter Server was … [Read more...]