Auto deploy – host register error

Not many are using Auto Deploy with stateless hosts, but I’m a big fan of it. Though sometimes I’m pulling my hair trying to figure out why stuff isn’t working since there is also very little documentation and experiences from others. Recently we ran into an issue that after upgrading vCenter … [Read more...]

Which vSAN Maintenance Mode option was used on a host?

Last week there was a question on VMTN around maintenance mode, this customer wanted to find out which vSAN Maintenance Mode option was used while the host was placed in maintenance mode. The person who placed the host into maintenance wasn’t around, and I guess the customer wanted to know if data was moved from … [Read more...]

VMware: Kritieke kwetsbaarheid in VMware vCenter-server actief aangevallen

Aanvallers maken actief misbruik van een kritieke kwetsbaarheid in VMware vCenter Server en VMware Cloud Foundation waardoor het mogelijk is om kwetsbare systemen op afstand over te nemen. Op 25 mei kwam VMware met beveiligingsupdates, maar er zijn nog altijd ongepatchte servers. Die zijn een aantrekkelijk doelwit voor … [Read more...]

Issue adding tags to the vCLS VMs with vCenter Server 7.0 U2b

Today I was talking to one of our field folks and he asked if there was an issue with Tags in combination with vCLS VMs in 7.0 U2b specifically. I had tested assigning tags to vCLS VMs before, and it worked just fine. With 7.0 U2b unfortunately this has stopped working. The error you will see displayed in the vSphere … [Read more...]

Veeam: Veeam User Group (VUG) meeting 11 mei

Het is zover, op 11 mei a.s. organiseren we onze eerste periodieke VUG-bijeenkomst. Door Corona helaas nog virtueel, maar hopelijk kunnen we de sessies in de nabije toekomst op een mooie locatie in Nederland organiseren. Schrijf je nu in! Onze eerste meeting is in elk geval zéker de moeite waard, want voor de eerste 20 … [Read more...]

VMUG Advantage Homelab Group Buy Discount offer!

Some of you may have seen the blog that William Lam posted last year titled the “VMUG Advantage Homelab Group Buy Discount”. Some of you may have not seen this. Basically, William worked with the VMUG on a discount for the VMUG Advantage Program. Why am I posting this? Well, I am pleased to announce that I … [Read more...]

HCI Mesh error: Failed to run the remote datastore mount pre-checks

I had two comments on my HCI Mesh compute only blogpost where both were reporting the same error when trying to mount a remote datastore. The error that popped up was the following: I tried to reproduce it in my lab, as both had upgraded from 7.0 to U2 I did the same, that didn’t result in the same error though. … [Read more...]

Does vSAN Enhanced Durability work when you have a limited number of hosts?

Last week I had a question about how vSAN Enhanced Durability works when you have a limited number of hosts. In this case, the customer had a 3+3+1 stretched cluster configuration, and they wondered what would happen when they would place a host into maintenance mode. Although I was pretty sure I knew what would … [Read more...]

Using HCI Mesh with a stand-alone vSphere host?

Last week at the French VMUG we received a great question. The question was whether you can use HCI Mesh (datastore sharing) with a stand-alone vSphere Host. The answer is simple, no you cannot. VMware does not support enabling vSAN, and HCI Mesh, on a single stand-alone host. However, if you still want to mount a vSAN … [Read more...]

vSphere Native Key Provider backup not working

I had three people asking this question the past few weeks, they were trying to configure the vSphere Native Key Provider so that they could enable vSAN Encryption, but the backup function wasn’t working. If you have not seen the Native Key Provider in action yet, just watch the video below. As demonstrated in … [Read more...]