Confessions of a VMUG Speaker – the prequel #SpeakerFail

Advertise here with BSAOn twitter a question was asked by Casey West if people had “Speaker Fail” stories and I replied to it with my story. I have told this story to some folks but never shared it on my blog, so I figured I would share it. I already wrote an article about speaking at your local VMUG and … [Read more...]

VMworld Call For Papers opened, some tips…

Advertise here with BSAFor the past 8 years or so I have presented at VMworld, I think I have submitted sessions for the past 10 years or so. I probably submitted well over 60 sessions, and I mean “WELL OVER”. Many of course which got rejected. Some for which I understood why they were rejected, others for … [Read more...]

VMworld vSAN Sessions Playlist

Advertise here with BSAI just created a simple playlist up on youtube which has most (if not all) vSAN sessions on there. If you are interested in vSAN simply have a look at the playlist and pick what you want to watch. "VMworld vSAN Sessions Playlist" originally appeared on Follow me on twitter - … [Read more...]

VMworld update session: Las Vegas y Barcelona meet Utrecht

It’s time for our annual VMworld update session at the VMware NL headquarters in Utrecht. You’re invited to join PQR’s VMware experts on October 13th. We will discuss the latest announcements from both VMworld US and Europe and cover topics in the cloud, datacenter and EUC space. Doors are open at … [Read more...]

My take on VMworld Europe 2017

After a great week in Barcelona it’s time to evaluate what we’ve seen and heard in Barcelona. I’ve attended this event with PQR colleagues and a few of our customers. VMworld US versus Europe The last three years I’ve attended VMworld US: for 2017 VMworld Europe was on my agenda. Although US is the bigger … [Read more...]

Sharing the “Top 10 things to know about vSAN” slides…

Advertise here with BSAI was asked by a few people to share the slides for our Top 10 vSAN session at VMworld. Instead of sending the slides around via email I figured I would simply throw it up on slideshare and share it here. "Sharing the “Top 10 things to know about vSAN” slides…" originally … [Read more...]

VMworld 2017: VM Automation cloud service (tech preview)

At the keynote of day 2 of VMworld Europe 2017 some time was reserved to present the Elastic Sky Pizza business case. This business case was also presented at VMworld US two weeks ago, for a transcript of the case (and keynote) check Scott Lowe’s blogpost here. The Elastic Sky Pizza case was used to […] … [Read more...]

VMworld 2017: What I’ve learned so far about VMware Cloud on AWS

VMworld Europe 2017 is happening right now in the beautiful city of Barcelona. On Monday, before the official event commences, Partner Exchange takes place in the Fira Grand Via event center. I’ve scheduled some time to attend two sessions on VMware Cloud on AWS. In this article I will share what I’ve … [Read more...]

#vmworld #STO1770BU – Tech Preview of Integrated Data Protection for vSAN

Advertise here with BSAThis session was hosted by Michael Ng and Shobhan Lakkapragada and is all about Data Protection in the world of vSAN. Note that this was also a tech preview and features may or may not ever make it in to a future release. The session started with Shobhan explaining the basics of vSAN and the … [Read more...]

#VMworld #STO1378 – vSAN Management Today and in the Future

Advertise here with BSA#STO1378 “vSAN Management Today and in the Future” by Junchi Zhang and Christian Dickmann. Christian did this session by himself last year, and it was one of the coolest sessions of last year, so the expectations are set high. In this session Junchi and Christian will be discussing … [Read more...]