Automated deployment of vRealize Suite in VCF 4.1 – Part 4

In the previous part of the automated deployment of vRealize Suite in VCF 4.1, we deployed the vRealize Log Insight and we also configured additional settings. This part will cover deployment and configuration of vRealize Automation 8.1. Before you begin, make sure that you have the vRealize product bundles downloaded … [Read more...]

How to install vRA 8.1 on an ESXi host with less than 12 cores/threads

vRealize Automation (vRA) is part of VMware’s Cloud Management Platform and provides comprehensive automation & orchestration capabilities. vRA is available as on-premises installable and available as a cloud service: vRealize Automation Cloud. The latest version of the on-premises installation of vRA, … [Read more...]

Automated deployment of a NAT network with VMware Cloud Assembly and NSX-T

In a previous post I explained how to deploy a routed network in an automated way using VMware Cloud Assembly and NSX-T. In this article I will explain another network construct that is included in Cloud Assembly: a NAT network. VMware Cloud Assembly is part of VMware’s next generation automation & … [Read more...]

vRA 6 distributed setup problems

vRA6 distributed setup problems with slow network and the com.vmware.csp.component.iaas.proxy.provider@csp.places.iaas.label text … [Read more...]