Build great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud – Part 4: Create a rotating overview dashboard with scoreboard and heatmap widgets

Thank you for reading the next part of my series on building great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud. In part 1, 2 and 3 of this series we already talked about various aspects of building dashboards in vRealize Operations and/or vRealize Operations Cloud: I’ve introduced the dashboard capability of … [Read more...]

Improving vRealize Operations 8.x Compliance

I recently got a question about how to harden your vSphere environment. As you will probably know there are actually there are two ways in achieving this: Using the VMware Security Hardening Guides that are available for download for free for a lot of different VMware solutions. The vSphere Security Configuration Guide … [Read more...]

Fixing problems with in-context log viewing from vROps to Log Insight

Had an issue at a customer where I was not able to use the in-context log viewing in vROps to view the logs for the ESXi servers in Log Insight. Using crops 6.6.1 and Log Insight 4.5.1 First part of the solution was to uses FQDN on the ESXi hosts. Only short hostnames where configured on ESXi hosts, which probably … [Read more...]