vSAN Deep Dive Book Promotion! Price paper copy dropped by 50% and ebook as low as 0.99 USD!

Advertise here with BSA Amazon allows publishers to create book promotions and I just created one for the vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive ebook. The promotion starts on the 24th of December and will end on the 31st of December. The ebook promotion will be available only on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, as that is where Amazon … [Read more...]

Can I still provision VMs when a vSAN Stretched Cluster site has failed? Part II

Advertise here with BSA 3 years ago I wrote the following post: Can I still provision VMs when a VSAN Stretched Cluster site has failed? Last week I received a question on this subject, and although officially I am not supposed to work on vSAN in the upcoming three months I figured I could test this in the evening … [Read more...]

Part 2: Is VSA the future of Software Defined Storage? (Customer use case)

Advertise here with BSA About 6.5 years ago I wrote this blog post around the future of Software-Defined Storage and if the VSA (virtual storage appliance) is the future for it. Last week at VMworld a customer reminded me of this article. Not because they read the article and pointed me back at it, but because they … [Read more...]

Joined GigaOm’s David S. Linthicum on a podcast about cloud, HCI and Edge.

Advertise here with BSA A while ago I had the pleasure to join David S. Linthicum from GigaOm on their Voices in Cloud Podcast. It is a 22 minute podcast where we discuss various VMware efforts in the cloud space, edge computing and of course HCI. You can find the episode here, where they also have the full transcript … [Read more...]

Project nanoEDGE aka tiny vSphere/vSAN supported configurations!

Advertise here with BSA A few weeks ago VMware announced Project nanoEDGE on their blog virtual blocks. I had a whole bunch of questions the following days from customers and partners interested in understanding what it is and what it does. I personally prefer to call project nanoEDGE “a recipe”. In the … [Read more...]

Single socket vSAN ready node AMD EPYC Rome on the VCG!

Advertise here with BSA Yesterday I tweeted something and I want to reiterate it to make sure that those who are just following the blog, and not my twitter account, also are aware. On the vSAN Compatibility Guide (VCG) there were already a number of single-socket servers, but most of these were limited in terms of … [Read more...]

2 node direct connect vSAN and error “vSphere HA agent on this host could not reach isolation address”

Advertise here with BSA I’ve had this question over a dozen times now, so I figured I would add a quick pointer to my blog. What is causing the error “vSphere HA agent on this host could not reach isolation address” to pop up on a 2-node direct connect vSAN cluster? The answer is simple, when you have … [Read more...]

Capacity Overview in vSAN 6.7 U3

Advertise here with BSA I just wanted to do a short post before the weekend, in vSAN 6.7 U3 there’s a great capacity overview screen. It shows a couple of things, first of all it provides a simple bar that shows “data written”, “reserved space” and “free space”. The second … [Read more...]

Can you move a vSAN Stretched Cluster to a different vCenter Server?

Advertise here with BSA I noticed a question today on one of our internal social platforms, the question was if you can move a vSAN Stretched Cluster to a different vCenter Server. I can be short, I tested it and the answer is yes! How do you do it? Well, we have a great KB that actually documents the process for a … [Read more...]

VMworld Reveals: Armed and Ready (ESXi on ARM, #OCTO2944BU)

Advertise here with BSA At VMworld, various cool new technologies were previewed. In this series of articles, I will write about some of those previewed technologies. Unfortunately, I can’t cover them all as there are simply too many. This article is about ESXi on ARM, which was session OCTO2944BU. For those who want … [Read more...]