VMware: The number of heartbeat datastores for host is 0

Today I added some vSphere 5.0 u1 hosts in a new created cluster, the SAN will be delivered next week so I didn’t have central storage, to finish my new cluster setup I configured HA and DRS. After configuring HA I received this warning message:   The number of heartbeat datastores for host is 0, […] … [Read more...]

VMware: Install Broadcom 5720 network adapter

Today I installed a new Dell PowerEdgde R620 host with vSphere 5.0 update 1. The Intel Ethernet I350 adapter was recognized and installed correct but the Broadcom 5720 wasn’t. I downloaded the latest Broadcom driver CD from VMware and uploaded the extracted content to my local datastore. To install the drivers I used … [Read more...]

VMware: Mass change portgroup VM’s in cluster with PowerCLI

Last week I configured for a customer some new VLAN’s and created on each host new vSwitches with new portgroups, to migrate all VM’s in cluster with network label “VM Network” to “Production” I’ve created this script to automate this for all virtual machines with specific network label in cluster: Original situation: … [Read more...]