VMware vCloud Director is approaching End of Life for Enterprises but remains for service providers

Today Techtarget.com reported in this article that functionality of VMware vCloud Director will be split into vSphere and vCloud Automation Center. What many insiders already suspected is now confirmed; vCloud Director has had its day. Enterprise customers are recommended to use vCAC for future projects. If they are on … [Read more...]

Recordings of top 10 VMworld breakout sessions are online!

VMware published recordings of the top10 breakout sessions of VMworld 2013 US online. All other of the VMworld sessions will be available for viewing at September 19 for all VMworld attendees or those who bought a subscription to view recordings only.   The sessions available now for free viewing … [Read more...]

VMworld 2013 US Tuesday keynote online

For some reason VMware dediced not to stream the Tuesday keynote. The Monday keynote was available but this is always more focussed on business, strategy and less on tech. Tuesday keynote was presented by Carl Eschenbach, Kit Colbert and Joe Baguley. Over 24 later the keynote was put online by VMware. Watch the 1,5 … [Read more...]

MAT (powered by Project Shift) converts from VMware to Hyper-V in less than 5 minutes

With Microsoft Hyper-V having  a rich feature set and offering a low cost purchase model,  current VMware vSphere customers may be  looking into using Hyper-V as an alternative. However converting VMware virtual machines to Microsoft Hyper-V can be a complex and time consuming task when many vm’s are involved. … [Read more...]

EMEA VMware Partner Exchange on Tour 2013 dates and locations announced

VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) is an annual event held in the United States dedicated for VMware partners. It is a kind of small VMworld but more focus on sales, marketing and technical roadmaps. Also some great breakout sessions showing future technology. Lots of partners are for various reasons not able to attend this … [Read more...]

RVTools 3.5 released!

RVTools is one of the best FREE tools available which helps consultants and system administrators in inventory and managing a VMware vSphere infrastructure. It offers a lot of information on the configuration of storage, network, virtual machines, ESX hosts  and a LOT more. Information can easily be downloaded in CSV … [Read more...]

vMotion fails at 13 % and becomes unresponsive on VMware ESXi 5.1 host

An interesting blogpost was posted by VMware recently describing an issue experienced by a VMware customer on VMware ESXi 5.1 hosts. Symptoms were: Unable to contact the MKS (mouse keyboard screen) remote console vMotion began failing at 13 % Could not SSH to host or login to console via direct access such as … [Read more...]

Veeam Backup & Replication v7 announced

At VMware Partner Exchange Veeam announced one of the new features of the yet to be released Backup & Replication v7 (B&R v7). The 7.0 version is expected to be released in Q3 2013. B&R v7 will support VMware vCloud Director. Using the vCD API, Veeam will display the vCD infrastructure directly in Veeam … [Read more...]

New arrival: PernixData hypervisor of server-side Flash

Today a new company named PernixData (pernix means agile) came out of stealth mode. This company has a future product which potentially can bring a revolution in the virtualized datacenter. The software PernixData delivers is able to virtualize flash and SSD storage located in servers and make this available as  a … [Read more...]

My View on the acquisition of Virsto by VMware (it’s not because of Storage Spaces)

VMware announced in February 2013 it will acquire Virsto Software. Virsto makes a very clever VM-centric storage hypervisor which is purpose architected to accelerate storage, provide efficiency and simplicity of management. Targeted scenario’s  are especially Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Virsto uses a … [Read more...]