Unexplored Territory #004: vVols with Cody Hosterman!

Episode 004 is out! This time we talk to Cody Hosterman, Director of Product Management at Pure Storage, about Virtual Volumes aka vVols! Cody shares with us the past, present, and future of vVols. I especially enjoyed his explanations around the benefits of vVols for traditional and cloud-native workload. It is also … [Read more...]

What is this Catalog folder on my datastore?

A question popped up on our internal slack earlier these days, and as I didn’t find anything online for it I figured I would write a quick article. When you look at your datastore, you may find various folders. Some you will recognize like the “.vSphere-HA” folder structure, which is used by vSphere … [Read more...]

vSphere FT and vVols/SPBM an unsupported config? Why?

Advertise here with BSA I was pointed out by a customer (thanks Johan), that vSphere FT is not supported when using SPBM on non-vSAN based storage systems. You may wonder why this is, at least I did wonder. I figured it would be a testing constraint of some sort, but after emailing product management, engineering, and … [Read more...]