Can’t enable AMD ReLive VR during install of Radeon Pro Software?

Advertise here with BSA Yesterday I bumped into an issue where I wanted to enable AMD ReLive VR but the option didn’t show in the configuration window strangely enough. I remembered that the first time I installed the Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise I had an option to enable AMD ReLive VR during the process, … [Read more...]

AMD Radeon settings window transparent in a VM?

Advertise here with BSA I have been playing with VR technology for the past month. The last couple of weeks my focus has been to install/configure a VM which streams the VR app over wifi to a headset. I ran into a problem with ALVR last week as documented here, but I also ran into an issue with the AMD Radeon software … [Read more...]

Seeing green only on your HMD when using ALVR to stream an app?

Advertise here with BSA I have been testing various things as part of the Take 3 I started not too long ago. While I was setting up my environment I ran into a few issues. One of those issues was something very strange. Just so people understand what I am testing, I have an Oculus Quest headset to which I want to … [Read more...]

VR and AR, what is it good for besides gaming? (Take 3 learnings)

Advertise here with BSA I first got introduced to Virtual Reality (VR) in the 90’s. Back then it was all about gaming of course. Even today though the perception is that it is mainly about gaming, and to be honest that was also my perception. When I spoke with Alan Renouf the first time about the project he was … [Read more...]