vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram

Mr. @esloof did a nice tweet about this one and caught my attention. It's a very nice diagram in pdf format showing the memory management for vSphere 5. The thing I like best is the way it is set up: screenshot from esxtop, vSphere client and very clear mapping of virtual memory into physical memory. I'm printing … [Read more...]

Swap into thin air

This post is just a reminder for me - however, there might be a thing or two for you to pick up too... Take a look at the image below (you can click it to enlarge): It show the swap data from a VM. Let me explain each line and why swap vanished into thin air : Swap in - The amount of memory EVER swapped from disk … [Read more...]

Awesome vSphere facts!

I received a link to this: VMware Technical Journal. Also @duncanyb also blogged about this one already. However, I want to stress how cool this document actually is! Like: did you know VMware developed a tool called vmtar. A normal TAR is unaligned and vmtar makes sure the files inside the tar are aligned. Why do we … [Read more...]

Prevent VM from starting

I got this nice question from my colleague last week: We have cloned a VM, but I want to prevent the original from being started. Also when we do a failover to an other datacenter - I do not wan't this VM to be started. Good question - easy answer: convert your VM into a template. Templates cannot be started. Also, … [Read more...]

Goodbye blog – hello BLOG!

Hi all, I've just updated my complete site. I wasn't really happy with the whole template so it was time for me to update it. I also updated the BLOG section, filtered out relevant articles and upgraded the joomla back-end to the latest version. Overall, I'm very satisfied. You can rate articlles, give comments, … [Read more...]

vSphere Update Manager Network Connections

Recently I was struggling getting vSphere Update Manager to work properly across firewalls. Information for the required firewall ports that need to be opened can be obtained from the following VMware KB articles: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1004543 http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1012382 During troubleshooting, some information … [Read more...]

Restoring the default vCenter Server alarms

I’ve been troubleshooting some vCenter alarms lately, which involved a lot of editing, removing and adding of alarms. After the troubleshooting I wanted to reset everything back to default and ran into VMware KB article 2009166, explaining how to restore the default vCenter Server alarms. To restore the default … [Read more...]

PowerCLI automation: Create vCenter Notification Email Alarm Action

I’ve received a request from a customer recently who wanted to configure all vCenter alarms to send a notification email. This instantly made me decide that PowerCLI was the best way to go rather than wasting a lot of valuable time in the vSphere client configuring the email notification alarms. PowerCLI … [Read more...]

Top Bloggers Voting Time Again

Eric Siebert has opened up another top VMware & virtualization blogs poll over at vSphere-land.com.  Please take a moment and cast your vote  for your favourite 10 bloggers.  It’ll take only a couple of minutes of your time and you can win a copy of the Train Signal’s new vSphere 5 and View 5 video training … [Read more...]

DutchVMUG 2011

Last Friday I was at the DutchVMUG in the NBC Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. The DutchVMUG is a large (700+) VMware Usergroup event. During this event you'll get great speakers in 4 parallel sessions, the ability to do workshops, visit awesome sponsors and meet peers in the industry. My experiences were just plain … [Read more...]