VMware: Install Dell Equallogic Multipathing Extension (PSP) for vSphere 5.1 with PowerCLI

Last week I’ve installed some Dell hosts with VMware vSphere 5.1 and used Dell Eq. PS6000 storage. To configure the connection between host and storage optimal I’ve used the Dell Equallogic Multipathing Extension witch is supported for vSphere 5.x The SATP VMW_SATP_EQL is a VMware default one for EqualLogic arrays. And … [Read more...]

VMware: The datastore “name” is connected to one or more pre-4.1 hosts that do not support Storage I/O Control

Last week I was configuring some new vSphere 5.1 (Enterprise) hosts in a dedicated cluster and created some VMFS 5.58 datastores at the Dell Eq. PS6000 SAN with latest firmware, after configuring SIOC I received this error message: The datastore is connected to one or more pre-4.1 hosts that do not support Storage I/O … [Read more...]

Free edition of Cisco Nexus 1000v VMware virtual switch

As of this week Cisco announced there new version of the Cisco Nexus 1000V which is available for download. The Cisco Nexus 1000V provides a distributed, Layer 2 virtual switch that extends across many virtualized hosts. The Cisco Nexus 1000V manages a data center defined by the vCenter Server. Each server in the data … [Read more...]

EMC Knowledge Sharing 2013

Do you consider yourself a thought leader? As a certified EMC Proven Professional, you should. Why not share your best practices and experience in a Knowledge Sharing article? Your article could be based on a practitioner’s view on any topic—from Automation, Big Data, Cloud, Document Management to Virtualization and … [Read more...]

Zerto: Interviewing and being interviewed

Last week at VMworld EMEA I was able to interview Shannon Snowden of Zerto for the DutchVMUG: And even got interviewed by Shannon: Want to know more about Zerto after these interviews? Visit the Zerto Website: http://www.zerto.com … [Read more...]

VMworldTV super action

The upcoming week it's all about virtualization, Barcelona, sun, networking and a lot of fun. The Solutions Exchange features more than 125 companies showcasing the latest virtualization and cloud infrastructure products, services and solutions. You'll be able to talk with experts from the leading companies in the … [Read more...]

Error 29107 when upgrading to vCenter 5.1 (and fix)

When I tried to upgrade my vCenter 5.0U1 Server to 5.1, all seemed to go well, up until the the moment vCenter tried to register with SSO. I received an error message “Error 29107. The service or solution user is already registered. Check Vm_ssoreg.log in system temporary folder for details” I checked this … [Read more...]

Issue with vShield Edge devices due to full root filesystem

In a vSphere environment I am working on we use VMware vShield Edge to do firewalling, NAT and terminate VPNs for customers. On several occasions we where not able to make config changes to some of our VSE devices when we tried to publish the changes we made from within vShield Manager. Whenever we tried to publish the … [Read more...]

Script: cluster ready time

Last week I got back from holiday, had a wonderful time in France with great weather. Anyway, we're looking into changing one pool with virtual desktops from one vCPU to two vCPUs. Looking a CPU load on every host in the cluster should allow that, but we are very curious what the ready time would be. Ready time is a VM … [Read more...]

SMB version issue with NTFS junctions

Working with NTFS junctions (mountpoints) gave us some issues while querying the size of the file share. The OS of the client (Windows XP in this case) returns the size of the disk where the folder resides the mountpoint is created on. So is doesn’t display the real size of the disk that [...] … [Read more...]