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Host in vSAN cluster with 0 components while other hosts are almost full?

Advertise here with BSA Internally someone just bumped into an issue where a single host in a cluster wasn’t storing any of the created vSAN Components / Objects. It was to the point where every single host in the cluster was close to the maximum of 9000 components, but that one host had 0 components. After some … [Read more...]

It’s VMworld Registration Time!

Have you just returned from annual leave? It’s time to look ahead and register for the 2020 edition of VMworld “Online Around The Globe” on September 29th, 30th and October 1st. This year there’s only one VMworld for Americas, EMEA and APJ…and as you would expect, it’s an on-line … [Read more...]

Alan Renouf and his family need your help – Their house burned down – Please donate!

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Alan Renouf, and his family, need your help. Please support/donate!

Advertise here with BSA Some of you may have spotted a tweet by Alan Renouf earlier this week, most of you have probably heard about the wildfires in California. If you haven’t, just do a google search… Or take a look at this devastating picture of Alan Renouf’s home: Yes, on the right is the lovely … [Read more...]

Configure Microsoft Teams offloading in VMware Horizon

With VMware Horizon 8 or the new naming format, Horizon 2006 Microsoft Teams offloading / media optimization is supported. To enable this feature you need  to configure the following settings: Install Horizon 2016 client and enable media optimization. Import the Horizon 2016 GPOs and enable the Group Policy setting … [Read more...]

vSphere FT and vVols/SPBM an unsupported config? Why?

Advertise here with BSA I was pointed out by a customer (thanks Johan), that vSphere FT is not supported when using SPBM on non-vSAN based storage systems. You may wonder why this is, at least I did wonder. I figured it would be a testing constraint of some sort, but after emailing product management, engineering, and … [Read more...]

VMware Labs has released a new Fling – VMware Container For Folding@Home

VMware Container for Folding@Home is a docker container for running folding at home client. This container is supported on both Docker standalone clients and on a Kubernetes Cluster. Optional command line toggle GPU support on or off as well as all other common FAH client command line in puts. The Folding@Home … [Read more...]

Top 15 VMworld 2020 sessions to attend

Advertise here with BSA VMworld 2020 is coming, which means I get to create a list of sessions again which I feel are worth attending. My focus will primarily be on sessions that are hosted by folks of the VMware Cloud Platform Business Unit, which means that the list will be dominated by sessions on the topic of vSAN, … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere Performance with Intel Optane Persistent Memory in Memory Mode – Balanced Profile

Intel Optane persistent memory (PMem) is a memory technology that can deliver larger capacities compared to traditional DDR4 memory. Increasing the memory capacity in a VMware vSphere virtualized datacenter by operating in Memory Mode allows for an increase in VM density and a subsequent increase in application … [Read more...]