2 node direct connect vSAN and error “vSphere HA agent on this host could not reach isolation address”

Advertise here with BSA I’ve had this question over a dozen times now, so I figured I would add a quick pointer to my blog. What is causing the error “vSphere HA agent on this host could not reach isolation address” to pop up on a 2-node direct connect vSAN cluster? The answer is simple, when you have … [Read more...]

Free e-book – PowerCLI The Aspiring Automator’s Guide

Scripting and PowerCLI are words that most people working with VMware products know pretty well and have used once or twice. Everyone knows that scripting and automation are great assets to have in your toolbox. The problem usually is that getting into scripting appears daunting to many people who feel like the … [Read more...]

Quick tip: Determine the VMware Horizon Agent options for a silent/unattended installation

When performing a silent/unattended installation of the Horizon Agent client you must specify MSI properties and Horizon Agent options to define what to install. When a new version of the Horizon Agent comes available the documentation is not always available yet or up to date. When using a silent install of the VMware … [Read more...]

I discovered .PNG files on my datastore, can I delete them?

Advertise here with BSA I noticed this question on Reddit about .PNG which were located in VM folders on a datastore. The user wanted to remove the datastore from the cluster but didn’t know where these files were coming from and if the VM required those files to be available in some shape or form. I can be brief … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – VMware NSX-T 2.5 Reference Design Guide

This document provides guidance and best practices for designing environments that leverage the capabilities of VMware NSX-T. It is targeted at virtualization and network architects interested in deploying NSX Data Center solutions. Direct download VMware NSX-T Reference Design community  Next-Generation … [Read more...]

My recommended sessions for VMworld Europe 2019!

Advertise here with BSA I created a list of recommended sessions for VMworld US, so I figured I would do the same for VMworld Europe. I am limiting it to 15 sessions for Europe and removed some of the sessions I had listed for the US and added some others for EMEA. I personally have 2 sessions scheduled at the moment, … [Read more...]

Capacity Overview in vSAN 6.7 U3

Advertise here with BSA I just wanted to do a short post before the weekend, in vSAN 6.7 U3 there’s a great capacity overview screen. It shows a couple of things, first of all it provides a simple bar that shows “data written”, “reserved space” and “free space”. The second … [Read more...]

Boot error: Shutting down firmware services… error after upgrading to VMware ESXi 6.7 Update 3

After upgrading one of my home lab servers to VMware ESXi 6.7 Update 3, I’ve got the following error when trying to boot: Shutting down firmware services… Page allocation error: Out of resources Failed to shutdown the boot services. Unrecoverable error After changing the boot mode from UEFI to … [Read more...]

Can you move a vSAN Stretched Cluster to a different vCenter Server?

Advertise here with BSA I noticed a question today on one of our internal social platforms, the question was if you can move a vSAN Stretched Cluster to a different vCenter Server. I can be short, I tested it and the answer is yes! How do you do it? Well, we have a great KB that actually documents the process for a … [Read more...]

VMworld Reveals: VMware Cloud Foundation (#HBI1432BUR)

Advertise here with BSA At VMworld, various cool new technologies were previewed. In this series of articles, I will write about some of those previewed technologies. Unfortunately, I can’t cover them all as there are simply too many. This article is about VMware Cloud Foundation, which was session HBI1432BUR. For … [Read more...]