vCenter 7.0 stating “New vCenter server updates are available” while there are no updates?

Advertise here with BSA I have seen this issue reported on the VMware Community Forum a few times, when you run vCenter 7.0 you will receive a message in the vSphere Client stating the following “New vCenter server updates are available”. When you then click “View Updates” however you will notice that there are no … [Read more...]

Bridging between GNS3 and NSX-T

This article describes how to simulate VLAN ID's in your home lab without the need for a physical switch and how to create a bridge between a VLAN in GNS3 and a segment in NSX-T. GNS3 is a great free product that's able to simulate routers and switches. This simulation is done by hosting the original … [Read more...]

Event Season has lifted off! #VirtualRoadshow

Advertise here with BSA It seems that Event Season has lifted off, and the virtual roadshow has really started. I can’t remember a point in time where I had this many events scheduled in a few months. Actually, I think I have more events scheduled in the upcoming 3 months than I had in the previous 12. I guess the … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 DRS Scalable Shares Deep Dive

You are one tickbox away from completely overhauling the way you look at resource pools. Yes you can still use them as folders (sigh), but with the newly introduced Scalable Shares option in vSphere 7 you can turn resource pools into more or less Quality of Service classes. Sounds interesting right? Let’s first … [Read more...]

Configure Route Aggregation on NSX-T 3.0

In this article, I'll explain how to configure route aggregation on a T0-GW router. Let's look at the set-up first. I have two segments connected to my T0-GW router. One segment has IP address and the other segment is configured with IP address Both networks are advertised with BGP to a … [Read more...]

BGP Neighbor Adjacency between GNS3 and NSX-T 3.0

This article describes how to hook-up a Cisco c3745 router hosted on GNS3 to a T0 router hosted on NSX-T 3.0 and create a BGP Neighbor Adjacency between them. In my home lab, I'm running GNS 3 on an iMac. There is a special component available that allows you to connect the GNS3 world to the physical world. This … [Read more...]

Join us on May 28th for a vPubQuiz around VCF & Hybrid Cloud

The vPubQuiz is targeted at a Dutch speaking audience, that’s why this article is also in Dutch. Inmiddels zijn er twee vPubQuizen achter de rug. Op 7 mei hebben we een vPubQuiz over #HCI gehad, op 14 mei was het onderwerp #CloudManagement. Bedankt voor jullie positieve reacties, we hopen dat iedereen dit … [Read more...]

How to deploy vSphere 7 with Kubernetes on a single not-nested ESXi node

In a previous article I explained how to deploy vSphere with Kubernetes on a nested two node ESXi environment. Because the deployment wizard doesn’t check if you have the required number of ESXi hosts available you can even choose to deploy vSphere with Kubernetes on a single host. William Lam already posted an … [Read more...]

Problems with installing modules from the PowerShell Gallery

Lately, on several Windows Server 2016 servers, I wanted to install a PowerShell module such as VMware PowerCLI.  When trying to install the module  I’ve got the following error: NuGet provider is required to continue PowerShellGet requires NuGet provider version ‘’ or newer to interact with … [Read more...]

How to force delete an NSX-T 3 Segment

I experienced some trouble trying to delete a segment with the NSX-T Policy UI. There was an error message complaining about a virtual machine that was still attached to the segment. I verified this message by going into vCenter and checking all the virtual machines and I was sure there were no virtual machines … [Read more...]