Enable Adobe Flash support for the VMware Horizon Administrator console

Adobe Flash is no longer supported after December 31, 2020, and currently disabled by default. During my consulting work, I still see organizations that use Adobe Flash-based applications such as the VMware Horizon Administrator. VMware Horizon 7.10 has an HTML5 based Horizon Console that nearly feature-complete and … [Read more...]

Can I vMotion a VM while IO Insight is tracing it?

Today during the Polish VMUG we had a great question, basically, the question was if you can vMotion a VM while vSAN IO Insight is tracing it. I did not know the answer as I had never tried it, so I had to test and validate it in the lab. While testing it became obvious that IO Insight and vMotion are not a supported … [Read more...]

Free e-book – PowerCLI Cookbook for VMware vSAN

Typically, vSAN management is performed through the vSphere Client. Tasks can include those such as initial configuration, ongoing maintenance, and reporting of capacity, performance, or health of vSAN. The Web Client provides comprehensive element management of each component of a vSAN cluster. While most element … [Read more...]

Understanding Clones in VMware vSphere 7: Performance Study

VMware vSphere offers three different types of clones including full clone, linked clone, and instant clone. In this paper, VMware evaluates clone performance with a variety of workloads and discuss the provisioning rates of the different clone types. In addition, we provide some tips and tricks to improve the … [Read more...]

What is this Catalog folder on my datastore?

A question popped up on our internal slack earlier these days, and as I didn’t find anything online for it I figured I would write a quick article. When you look at your datastore, you may find various folders. Some you will recognize like the “.vSphere-HA” folder structure, which is used by vSphere … [Read more...]

Improving vRealize Operations 8.x Compliance

I recently got a question about how to harden your vSphere environment. As you will probably know there are actually there are two ways in achieving this: Using the VMware Security Hardening Guides that are available for download for free for a lot of different VMware solutions. The vSphere Security Configuration Guide … [Read more...]

I joined the Futr Tech Podcast last week, check out the episode here!

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Chris and Sandesh on the Futr Tech podcast. The episode was just published online, and I wanted to share it with all of you via this blog post. Make sure to watch/listen to the episode and subscribe to the youtube channel or podcast. I’ve been following these guys for a … [Read more...]

Postman and the Elgato Key Light Air API

Due to Covid-19, I’m delivering VMware training courses online. Most of the time, I’m using Zoom but sometimes I have to switch back to WebEx. I always activate my camera, so the students have better interaction with me. I never worried about the light but since a lot of people are working from home and posting their … [Read more...]

vSAN 6.7 U1 ebook available for 4.99 USD and paper copy for 19.99!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can pick up the vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive ebook for 4.99 USD and the paper copy for 19.99. Yes, we also lowered the price for all other regions, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you should able to pick it for less than a Big Mac meal! Although the book doesn’t cover vSAN … [Read more...]

Free e-book – Micro-segmentation for Dummies Guide, 2nd Edition

This book provides a broad overview of micro‐segmentation in the data center. After reading this book, you’ll have a good basic understanding of micro‐segmentation — like you’d get from a college‐level 101 class, but far more interesting than Microbiology 101 or Microeconomics 101 (and not as difficult either)! In the … [Read more...]