Very large sps-runtime.log.stderr log file

On VMTN someone hit a situation where the sps-runtime.log.stderr log file grew extremely large on their vCenter Server Appliance (7.0 in this case). I have seen this before, and sizes over 10GB are not uncommon. The sps-runtime.log.stderr file belongs to the service that provides the Policy-Based Storage capabilities. … [Read more...]

Configure GitLab as an ABX repository

This article describes how to configure GitLab and Action Based Extensibility Inside Cloud Assembly. The first thing to do is go to infrastructure integrations and configure GitLab Integration by specifying the URL to your GitLab server (private or public) and use the generated api token from you GitLab … [Read more...]

iSCSI IQN may have changed after working after upgrade to 7.0 U2

Last week I noticed some folks reporting that they had an issue with upgrades to 7.0 U2 from 7.0 U1. The issue they experienced was not being able to access their iSCSI Datastores any longer. I did some digging internally and found out there was a change in how we store the iSCSI IQN when the IQN is randomly created. … [Read more...]

vRealize Automation 8 Network Profile Type: Outbound

An on-demand network with outbound access requires an external subnet that has outbound access. The external subnet is used to provide outbound access if requested in the cloud template - it does not control network placement. For example, the external subnet does not affect the placing of a private network. Select … [Read more...]

Why we need Compassion, not Empathy

Empathy can be dangerous. Instead, we need compassion to create high-performing teams. Read on to understand what it is, and why we need it. "Why we need Compassion, not Empathy" by Joep Piscaer was originally published on … [Read more...]

“Come listen to me, I’m a fraud!”, an impostor syndrome talk

Hey you! You’re exposed! We know you are a fraud! You’re don’t deserve any of the success you’ve achieved! Do you recognize the fear of being exposed as a fraud? I do. Even as I prepared and presented this talk about impostor syndrome, I feel that you’ll expose me of not being worthy of talking to you. With fifteen … [Read more...]

Run Home Assistant supervised as Virtual Machine (VM) on VMware ESXi

I’m running Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu for a long time, but that is not supported anymore. Home Assistant Supervised provides the full Home Assistant experience on a regular operating system. The Supervisor is not just an application but it is a full appliance that manages the whole system. Home … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere Snapshots: Performance and Best Practices

In this technical paper, we discuss the VMware vSphere VM snapshot operation and its impact on the performance of guest applications and how it affects other VM provisioning operations. VMware's study explores these performance aspects in VMFS, vSAN, and vVOL environments with a variety of workloads and provides … [Read more...]

Upgrade to vCenter Server 7.0U2 fails at stage 2: “The source disk ‘/’ is too small to fit the export requirements”

Today a short post on a VMware Knowledge Base article that was published recently. It’s about a failure to upgrade your vCenter Server to 7.0 update 2. The upgrade fails with the message: “Insufficient space on the source export partition ‘/’ to accomodate all the data for upgrade data option … [Read more...]

How do I change the name of a vSwitch with vSphere 7.0 U2 and higher?

Some of you may have noticed it already, and some may not, but a lot of the configuration details that were traditionally stored in “esx.conf” have now moved elsewhere. The question is where did it go? Well it went into “configstore” and with “configstore” now also comes a … [Read more...]