Resource Utilization Efficiency Machine learning, especially deep learning, is notorious for consuming large amounts of GPU resources during training. However, as the last part already highlighted, machine learning is more than just training a model. And these components within the machine learning workflow require … [Read more...]

VMUGNL speaking engagement: How to run & manage a multi-cloud Kubernetes environment

Join David Caron and Viktor van den Berg at the VMUGNL UserCon 2022! On June 14th David and Viktor will talk about “How to run & manage a multi-cloud Kubernetes environment”. In this session you will learn more about how Tanzu Kubernetes Grid can help you as the de facto Kubernetes runtime in a … [Read more...]

Webinar – vSphere 7 Best Practices

This webinar is for VMware customers and partners, who sell, use, deploy, configure, and manage vSphere systems on a daily basis, and are interested to hear and learn about new features and best practices of using the rich feature set of VMware vSphere 7.X. In this session you will learn about the latest features and … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory 017 – A day in the life of a CTO with Joe Baguley

In this week’s Unexplored Territory Podcast we VMware’s CTO Joe Baguley as a guest. We talk about various topics like how Joe became the CTO of VMware, what the McLaren announcement means, why Joe is passionate about ESG, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and much much more. Listen to the full … [Read more...]

SDDC Manager command line history

A quick post about a small change that I noticed in the VCF 4.3 release. The SDDC Manager command line history (a.k.a. Arrow up) seems not to work anymore in this version. Apparently, this is due to the fact that VCF Engineering has hardened the SDDC Manager security. Enable SDDC Manager command line history There are … [Read more...]

VMUG Advantage Homelab Group Buy Discount offer 2022!

Yes, here we go again, the VMUG Advantage Homelab Group Buy Discount offer is available again! I’ve had multiple folks asking throughout the year if I had a code, and unfortunately I don’t have codes to distribute, but I do know that if you fill out this survey, you will get access to a code. The minimum … [Read more...]

Build a Windows 10 image with Packer using VMware Workstation

Most of the time I use Packer against a VMware vSphere and Microsoft Azure environment. But sometimes it’s useful to use VMware Workstation for local testing purposes. For building Windows 10 images with Packer and using VMware Workstation there is not much information available. In this blog post, I show how to … [Read more...]

Where do I download the vSAN File Service OVA?

Last few weeks I had this question at least three times, surprisingly as I thought it wasn’t too difficult to find. The question was if my vCenter Server has no connection to the internet, where do I download the vSAN File Service OVA file that I can use to setup vSAN File Service manually? The UI provides the … [Read more...]

Machine Learning on VMware Cloud Platform – Part 1

Machine Learning is reshaping modern business. Most VMware customers look at machine learning to increase revenue or decrease cost. When talking to customers, we mainly discuss the (vertical) training and inference stack details. The stack runs a machine learning model inside a container or a VM, preferably onto an … [Read more...]

Attaching management & workload clusters to Tanzu Mission Control – some differences

Today a short article on attaching Kubernetes clusters to Tanzu Mission Control (TMC). For people that get started with TMC there’s sometimes some confusion on how to add Kubernetes clusters to TMC. The procedure for attaching a K8S management cluster is slightly different when compared to attaching K8S workload … [Read more...]