Whitepaper: Running Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications on VMware vSphere using NVIDIA CloudXR

Advertise here with BSA As many of you know by now, I worked on this project with the VXR team at VMware to try to run Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications on VMware vSphere. The white paper demonstrates that, using VMware vSphere backed by NVIDIA Virtual GPU technology, AR/VR applications can be run on a Windows … [Read more...]

Passed: 2V0-21.19 Professional VMware vSphere 6.7 – my exam from home experience

​It was about time do run a new VCP exam. Even though the status doesn't expire anymore, I planned it for this year anyway. So after some study and hands-on, I just gave it a go. I used the 20% discount attached to the VMUG Advantage (which actually worked pretty well, saved me about 40 euro's). These days (due to … [Read more...]

Running vSphere 6.7 or 6.5 and configured HA APD/PDL responses? Read this…

Advertise here with BSA If you are running vSphere 6.7 or 6.5 and have not installed 6.7 P02 or 6.5 P05 yet and you have APD/PDL responses configured within vSphere HA it could be that an issue causes VMs not to be failed over when an APD or PDL occurs. This is a known issue in the release, and P02 or P05 solves this … [Read more...]

Admission control based on percentage only works when VM’s are configured with reservations

When you have created a cluster and enable HA the default percentage for the Performance degradation VMs tolerate is 100%. I think this is a bit weird because why do you want to disable a warning when there is insufficient failover capacity to guarantee the same performance after VMs restart on the remaining hosts … [Read more...]

vSphere HA internals: restart placement changes in vSphere 7!

Advertise here with BSA Frank and I are looking to update the vSphere Clustering deep dive to vSphere 7. While scoping the work I stumbled on to something interesting, and this is the change that was introduced for the vSphere HA restart mechanism, and specifically the placement of VMs in vSphere 7. In previous … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 vMotion with Attached Remote Device

A lot of cool new features fly under the radar during a major release announcement. Even the new DRS algorithm didn’t get much air time. One thing that I discovered this week, is that vSphere 7 allows for vMotion with an attached remote device attached. When using the VM Remote Console, you can attach ISOs … [Read more...]

vSphere HA internals: VMCP super aggressive option in vSphere 7

Advertise here with BSA Most of you probably heard about a feature called VMCP aka VM Component Protection. If not, this is the functionality in vSphere HA that enabled you to restart VMs which have been impacted by a PDL (permanent device loss) or APD (all paths down) scenario. (If you have no idea what I am talking … [Read more...]

Adding a Local NSX-T Manager to a Global Manager

You can add locations to the Global Manager after you have installed the Global Manager. You can add up to three locations to a Global Manager. After you add a location to the Global Manager, the NSX Manager is called a Local Manager. On the NSX Manager appliance, run the get certificate api thumbprint command to … [Read more...]

DRS Migration Threshold in vSphere 7

DRS in vSphere 7 is equipped with a new algorithm. The old algorithm measured the load of each host in the cluster and tried to keep the difference in workload within a specific range. And that range, the target host load standard deviation, was tuned via the migration threshold.   The new algorithm is … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes – 2 Node Lab Deployment

I was really looking forward to get my hands on vSphere 7 with Kubernetes. Although a minimum of 3 hosts is required in a VCF setup, the vSphere Web Client told me a two node cluster should also suffice…and in the meantime I’ve learned even a one node (lab) deployment is an option. In this article […] … [Read more...]