App Modernization with Tanzu @ VMworld 2021

Are you ready for VMworld 2021? “Image that” is this year’s theme, VMware welcomes you on-line October 5-7 to experience this premier multi-cloud event. Again registration is 100% free, so there are no blockers to register today and pick your favourite sessions in the 2021 content catalog. … [Read more...]

Command-line upgrade of vCenter fails with Test transaction failed to update packages error

I have various test environments, and one of my environments I was testing the command-line upgrade of vCenter Server. Now, most of my environments we tend to use for destructive testing and strange update/upgrade scenarios, so we hit some strange issues every now and then. While I was doing the command-line based … [Read more...]

Updating VCSA and hitting the error Test RPM transaction failed

I was updating my environment to vCenter Server 7.0 U2c, while going through the process I got this error that says “Test RPM transaction failed”. Below is the screenshot of the error. if you click “resume” you then, unfortunately, get stuck in an infinite loop. The only way to get out of the … [Read more...]

VMware Labs has released a new Fling – NUMA Observer

The NUMA Observer Fling scans your VM inventory and identifies VMs with overlapping core/NUMA affinities and generates alerts. Additionally, the Fling also collects statistics on remote memory usage and CPU starvation of critical VMs and raises alerts. … [Read more...]

vSAN Storage Rules policy capability allows to set dedupe per VM?

There was a question posted on the VMware Community Forums, and as this is something I have been asked regularly, I figured I would do a quick blog post about it. Although I have covered this before, it doesn’t hurt to repeat, as it appears to be somewhat confusing for people. When you create a VM Storage Policy, … [Read more...]

NSX Security Reference Design Guide

This document will focus on the security offerings of the NSX product portfolio and how to optimally design and use those offerings to achieve desired security objectives.    … [Read more...]

How to Disable VMware Plugins in vCenter Server

Vulnerabilities in plugins that ship with vCenter Server have been disclosed by VMware. These vulnerabilities and their impact on VMware products are documented in the following VMware Security Advisories (VMSAs): CVE-2021-21972 - VMSA-2021-0002 (vRealize Operations Manager Plugin) CVE-2021-21985 - VMSA-2021-0010 … [Read more...]

Machine Learning Infrastructure from a vSphere Infrastructure Perspective

For the last 18 months, I’ve been focusing on machine learning, especially how customers can successfully deploy machine learning infrastructure on vSphere infrastructure. This space is exciting as it has so many great angles to explore. Besides the model training, a lot of stuff happens with the data. Data is … [Read more...]

There’s a new podcast in town, but it is in Dutch!

I wanted to inform the Yellow-Bricks readers that I started a podcast recently with Frank Denneman and Johan van Amersfoort. The name of the podcast is “In de aap gelogeerd” and that may already reveal that it is not in English, but it is in Dutch. Some may wonder why, well I guess that is easy to explain, … [Read more...]

TKGm – Failed to initiate cluster deployment cluster name vktrmgmt matches another management cluster

While I was playing around with TKG MultiCloud (aka “TKGm”) on vSphere I ran into the error “Failed to initiate cluster deployment cluster name vktrsmgmt matches another management cluster”. Although I’ve used the vktrsmgmt during a previous deployment, currently the vktrsmgmt cluster is … [Read more...]