VMware Tools error 2711

For a new Windows 10 image build I use the latest supported VMware Tools  In this case that is VMware Tools 12.0.0. VMware Tools is deployed using an unattended installation such as: e:setup64.exe /S /v “/qb REBOOT=R ADDLOCAL=All … [Read more...]

Configure the vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for vCloud Director

During the preparations for an upcoming training course delivery, I ran into some issues while adding a vCloud Director Instance to vRealize Orchestrator. The vCloud Director plugin offers a workflow to add a connection. After providing the host settings and authentication information the workflow throws the following … [Read more...]

Expand multi-NIC / multi-vDS Workload Domain in VCF

Following up from the previous post on how to deploy a multi-NIC / multi-vDS workload domain in VMware Cloud Foundation, this article will show you how to add a host to multi-nNIC / multi-vDS workload domain using API. The reason for using the API is because at the time of this writing, VCF does not support doing it … [Read more...]

Trust self-signed certificates

In this video I’ll show you how to export a self-signed certificate from vCloud Director and import this certificate into the trusted root certification authorities store.   … [Read more...]

VMware Labs has released a new Fling – Imager

Imager provides a FULLY automated and elegantly simple way to build clean Windows 10 VMs from scratch in one seamless flow. Provide Imager with the preferred Windows installation media ISO and it will do all the hard work producing a fully provisioned VM or sysprepped golden image. Use the image within your Horizon … [Read more...]

We’re back! Get ready for vBeers070 The Hague on April 21st

After being away for almost 2 years…it’s time for the one and only vBeers070 in the beautiful city of The Hague. Get ready for #vbeers070 on April 21st at our favourite restaurant in the center of The Hague: Restaurant Milu. vBeers is an informal social gathering with some good food & drinks. Last time … [Read more...]


Software overview Software Version Release Date Link VMware Horizon Client for Windows 2203 2022-04-05 Download Product Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon 2203 2022-04-05 VMware Customer Connect VMware Horizon 8 2203 2022-04-05 VMware Customer Connect VMwae App Volumes 4 2203 (4.6) 2022-04-05 VMware … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #013 – Exploring VMware Cloud on AWS with Adrian Roberts!

In episode 013 we talk to Adrian Roberts, Head of EMEA Solution Architecture for VMware Cloud on AWS at AWS. Adrian discusses the various reasons customers are looking to utilize VMware Cloud on AWS, discusses some of the challenges, and of course the opportunities that arise when you have your VMware workloads close … [Read more...]

VMware vEXPERT Award

I've received 3 vEXPERT awards. many thanks @VMware @vExpert @vCommunityGuy Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team. … [Read more...]

Getting Started with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

In this short demo, we give a quick overview of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid capabilities and then show an example of installation and where we will have a Kubernetes cluster ready for application deployment. Learn about Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. … [Read more...]