New Book – The VDI Design Guide Part II

Based on the design methodology from the first book, you will learn how to design complex and unusual use cases such as data science on VDI, EUC-based virtual reality, VDI by Day / Compute by Night, and gaming. (YES, GAMING!) Every section includes awesome contributions from industry legends such as Brian Madden, … [Read more...]

My recommended sessions for VMworld 2021!

It is that time of the year again, the VMworld content catalog has been posted online! Like every year I am going to provide a list of sessions that I highly recommend watching. There are many great sessions, and I can’t list them all, so I am going to limit it to 15 sessions again. If you feel there’s a … [Read more...]

vSpeaking Podcast: Top 10 Admin Tools

Last week I was invited to the vSpeaking Podcast. The podcast discussed the Top 10 Admin Tools for VMware customers. It is a great list if you ask me, hear all about through your favorite podcast app, or just click play below! Source … [Read more...]

Using SaltStack Config to Restore a Hacked Web Server

In this video I’m deploying a virtual machine with Cloud Assembly. After the deployment is finished, I’m using SaltStack to install and configure a webserver on this new Minion. Once the webserver is started, I’m running a pipeline in CodeStream that will hack the website. SaltStack is able to detect the hack with a … [Read more...]

Installed wordpress plugin CloudFlare and not receiving emails any more?

I had this situation where emails were not received anymore after I installed the CloudFlare plugin for WordPress. I installed CloudFlare so that the content of my blog would be cached “locally” for most visitors, as my blog is hosted in The Netherlands. After installing CloudFlare I started having issues … [Read more...]

vRealize Automation – First Class Disk (FCD)

A first class disk (FCD) provides storage life-cycle management on virtual disks as a disk-as-a service or as EBS-like disk storage that allows you to create and manage disks independently of vSphere virtual machines. A first class disk has its own life-cycle management capabilities that operate … [Read more...]

Create a central VMware Tools repository

VMware Tools releases have been decoupled from VMware vSphere release since version 10.0. You can now standardize to the latest VMware Tools by configuring a centralized repository. This can be useful when you want to point to a new VMware Tools version when for example a security vulnerability in identified VMware … [Read more...]

Very large sps-runtime.log.stderr log file

On VMTN someone hit a situation where the sps-runtime.log.stderr log file grew extremely large on their vCenter Server Appliance (7.0 in this case). I have seen this before, and sizes over 10GB are not uncommon. The sps-runtime.log.stderr file belongs to the service that provides the Policy-Based Storage capabilities. … [Read more...]

Configure GitLab as an ABX repository

This article describes how to configure GitLab and Action Based Extensibility Inside Cloud Assembly. The first thing to do is go to infrastructure integrations and configure GitLab Integration by specifying the URL to your GitLab server (private or public) and use the generated api token from you GitLab … [Read more...]

iSCSI IQN may have changed after working after upgrade to 7.0 U2

Last week I noticed some folks reporting that they had an issue with upgrades to 7.0 U2 from 7.0 U1. The issue they experienced was not being able to access their iSCSI Datastores any longer. I did some digging internally and found out there was a change in how we store the iSCSI IQN when the IQN is randomly created. … [Read more...]