Optimize the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) golden image automatically

For Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) there is an Optimization Tool available called Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool (VDOT). With this tool/script you optimize the following categories within an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app cleanup Optional Features cleanup Local policy … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #012: Discussing VMware Cloud offerings with ITQ’s CTO Jeffrey Kusters!

Episode 12 is out, this week we have Jeffrey Kusters to discuss VMware Cloud! Jeffrey discusses the use cases and the different offerings ranging from AWS to Google! Listen now: Spotify ( https://spoti.fi/3tsSm6p), Apple (https://apple.co/3ioaQyp). Source … [Read more...]

Stretched cluster witness failure resilience in vSAN 7.0

Cormac and I have been busy the past couple of weeks updating the vSAN Deep Dive to 7.0 U3. Yes, there is a lot to update and add, but we are actually going through it at a surprisingly rapid pace. I guess it helps that we had already written dozens of blog posts on the various topics we need to update or add. One of … [Read more...]

Solving vNUMA Topology Mismatch When Migrating between Dual Socket Servers and Quad Socket Servers

I recently received a few questions from customers migrating between clusters with different CPU socket footprints. The challenge is not necessarily migrating live workloads between clusters because we have Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) to solve this problem.  For VMware users just learning about this … [Read more...]

VMUGNL session recording: From idea to production with VMware Tanzu /w interactive demo!

Back in December David Caron (Advisory Specialist Solution Engineer at VMware Tanzu) and I ran a session at the Dutch VMware Usergroup Usercon titled “From idea to production with VMware Tanzu”. In about 40 minutes we explored the Tanzu portfolio through a great interactive demo! We talked about how to get … [Read more...]

Get the highest concurrent license usage from a VMware Horizon environment

In some managed VMware Horizon environments, I wanted to know the highest concurrent users per month. This information can be found in the Horizon Administrator Console under Settings – Product Licensing and Usage – Usage. VMware PowerCLI supports access to the View API to automate this. To automate … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #011: Providing enterprise storage services with VMware vSAN featuring Pete Koehler

Episode 11 of the podcast features Pete Koehler, and of course, we discuss vSAN and all the enterprise storage services it provides like HCI Mesh, vSAN Stretched Clusters and much more. Listen to it now via Spotify ( https://spoti.fi/3twXzsF), or Apple (https://apple.co/3sN0EFR), or of course via the embedded player … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere 7.0, Update 3

This Technical White Paper provides tips that help administrators maximize the performance of VMware vSphere 7.0, Update 3. Sections cover hardware selection, ESXi and virtual machines, guest operating systems, and virtual infrastructure management.   … [Read more...]

OneDrive stuck syncing on OSX

I have had this issue with OneDrive for days where it said it is syncing a file but not making any progress whatsoever. I tried all kinds of different solutions people have recommended, from remove the OneDrive app to killing the agent to deleting the .plist file. Nothing helped solve the problem. Unfortunately on OSX … [Read more...]

Does the Native Key Provider require a host to have a TPM?

I got this question on the VMTN forum this week, does the Native Key Provider require a host to have a TPM? (Trusted Platform Module) The documentation does discuss the use of TPM 2.0 when you enable the Native Key Provider. Let’s be clear, the vCenter Server Native Key Provider does not require a TPM! If a TPM … [Read more...]